Thursday, 27 January 2011

Green hornet movie review.


Oh no, I am turning into one of those people who doesn't like anything! Shit!

No.. I did not like this movie, to be fair it's not downright bad, but I really didn't find it to be very good either, and lots of things annoyed me about it.

This was differently not what I would have expected of a Green hornet movie, the movie I had looked forward to is probably kind of like the british telyvision series "Sherlock." which I love, but with a side-kick who can do karate, that's the fell I had been hoping for.
It's nothing like it, what I do have is a weird sort of.. Superhero satire, spoof.. thingy.

Well, I am for making superheroes spoofs and satires, I do indeed believe it is time for that, with all of that serious shit out there that deals with super hero movies, to have a satire in the genre would be a relieved change of pace.. but this.. No, it doesn't work for me. First of, I don't really found it that funny, I know other people did, and if you did, good on you. we all have different taste in humour so I can't tell wether you should think it's funny or not, but as it is what the movie tries to do, that is a giant problem for me that I don't find it funny, and it never moves beyond the age, like movies as Kick ass, which made the movie that much better, but that doesn't happen in this one.

Another huge problem for me is the two main characters. Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/The green hornet and Jay Chou as Kaito.

Both the actors and the characters themselves annoys me.

The Character of Britt Reid aka the green hornet annoys me, he is loud, unlike-able, doped, and I can't take him seriously. Obviously the character tries to be like Tony Stark from Iron Man, but it doesn't work. Tony Stark was a pretty fun character because he was so doped and egocentric, and the movie never tried to convince us anything else, which made it a lot less pretentious and acceptable, plus fun.. here they try and give him salvation factors and it does not work. Seth Rogen playing him is just trying way to hard, and the idea is to make him sort of a looser, even in the hero's costume, which is a good idea, and what I would have wanted in "The spirit" for one, but it doesn't really work here.

Now, the joke is supposed to be that while the main hero is a incompetent looser, his sidekick Kaito is Batman and Q from James bond if they had a baby.. No seriously, nothing else cuts it here. He is super smart, knows kungfu and karate, can move so fast that cameras don't even see him, builds all sorts of way out there inventions, which are all super cool.. He comes off as nothing short of a god, which in my eyes.. equal extremely uninteresting, this guy have no weaknesses, and I am not sure what is supposed to be his big speciality, if it's the kung fu, or the inventions, or the science, or what the hell?
It would even have worked way better for me if you had divided it so Kaito could do the kung-fu stuff and the green hornet was the master mind with the machines, that would have worked wonders for me.

I can see what they are getting at, turning it into a joke that the sidekick is so much cooler, but it honestly don't work for me, the credibility for both characters is somewhere below zero for me. And I sort of find Jay Chou's acting to be kind of... wooden.

Seeing Seth Rogen as a superhero man was also kind of weird to begin with, he is an decent actor and comedian, but this just did not work for me, this movie didn't work for me.
I see where they are coming from, the series was aired the same time as Adams West's Batman series, and it was the sort of cheesy feeling they wanted to re-capture, only I think they sort of forget, The green hornet was actually at the time, the more serious side to Batman, while batman was about silliness and fun the Green Hornet was about the mystery and taking things a bit more serious, and it's really odd to see how's that very much switched around now.

The story is standard, thus predictable, the fights are fine, the love interest and female lead.. again just standard. the villain is... weird. I don't even know if it's a good or bad sort of weird, but neither is he to memorable.

Well overall.. I would have to say and a little below standard superhero movie and a little below standard satire, pretty darn forgettable, that's that.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Story; I wish I could play the piano

She loved Pianos.

For all of her life, she had found them beautiful, fun and fascinating, and she had always wished to be able to play one.

One day she stood with her father, they were watching a marching band. “There’s no pianos in it.” She muttered sadly.

Her father chuckled amused. “A piano would be a bit heavy to carry around wouldn’t you think?”

“But it’s the best sort of instrument.” She sighed. “I really wish I could play the piano!”

A year after that, she was sitting watching a Marx brothers movie for the first time, Harpo Marx was the funniest, never saying a word and yet so expressive, but then suddenly, Chico Marx sat down, and he started playing the piano. It was done so masterfully and yet so humour filled, the girl was stunned into silence and enthralled looked his light hands over the piano as was it a dance in its own right.

“I really really wish I could play the piano like that.” She muttered astounded.

“Well that would be quite impressive.” Her father commented. “Though, only few in the world can do that.” He continued. “If you could, I don’t think you would be sitting here keeping your old dad company.”

And the girl looked abashed down; though her eyes peered up at the TV-screen again, go she wished she could play the piano.

She was a young woman now, and it was concert time in the school, she however was not a part of it, only the audience, she saw her classmate, proudly showcase the song he had written and could play on the piano. He was sexy as he played it and sang the jazzy tune, though most enthralling was the sounds escaping from the piano, coming from him.

Oh she wished she could play the piano, it was absolutely beautiful.

It was a day in wintertime, nothing extraordinary about it at all. The girl who had now become a young woman sat down.. in front of her, there was a piano.
She swallowed as she rested her finger on one of the tangents, and then lightly pressed it to let a tone escape the instrument, the entire wooden construction lightly vibrating because of the tone. Barely breathing she opened up the book, it spelled out. “Piano for beginners.” She wettened her dry lip as she tryingly put both her hands on the piano.
And then. She learned to play the piano.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Did I ever mention how awesome my littlesister is?

I just want to put it up there, Cause I am so going to shamelessly using her skills in future videos.. which I am still working on btw..

Good news! Finale cut pro is working again! yeah!
And when I have made two or three crappy videos I have decided to think. "What the hell?" give it a shot and start bothering "The last angry geek." asking if we could do a sort of crossover video when new Doctor who is coming out in four months. thinking we could make a joke where he is the doctor and I am the companion or something.

You may ask.. is that a ploy for me to be seen on the TGWTG site? to start annoy the hell out of one of the lesser popular people on the side until he at last says "okay." ? sure as hell is! I am so much a sell out and proud of it to!

Anyhows... my awesome little sister.

She is a cosplayer! YEP! she makes her own cosplays and dresses up with them to conventions, even appears in variouse contests.
Unfortunately she is not a doctor who fan, so she wont make any of does cosplays I can steal D:
Neither is she a superheroes fan, a horror fan or all that stuff I like.. so damn for me. She is however a Harry Potter fan and have promised that if I ever in a million years gets over a thousend viewers, she will do multiple Harry Potter costumes so we film stuff with it! and I made her give to me in writing!

Anyhows.. check this out!

Here she is.. We all know he is supposed to be here right?
Link from Zelda of cause, even playing Zelda on the DC, and before people asks.. no, that's not her real hair and it's not her real eye colour. She have like a ton of contact linses she uses for her different cosplays, but even without them she always uses photo manipulation, which I do think is the case in this picture, the hair is just a wig, she got tons of does to.

Yeas! that is a full body suit supposed to be a "heartless." from "kingdom hearts." yeas, she is the one inside of it, no my body is not as good as hers and I could never pull that off, and no.. she can't see a god damn thing in it!

Gaara from Nartuo, and that is herself again.

And.. a sort weird of a mix between "Gaara" and "Rock Lee." you know.. if they ever decided to mix their DNA and put it in a machine to make a clone of both of them..

And a set of characters from the Anime. "Love less." my littlesister is the one with the long wig and glasses, it's our fried. "Panda." with the short wig.. which is ironic as my littlesister have very short hair and Panda have very nice long dark brown hair.. huh...

Her own gothic design of "The mad hatter." out of Alice in wonderland, and I did the make up for that plus took that photo!

My little sister as "Pedobear." and Panda as... a girl..
And have no freaking idea who pedobear is! My little sister keeps bashing me about it, but I genuinely don't know! I had a lot of fun watching her create the costume and take it on though, the head just amuses me.. and I think it smells pretty badly inside around now..

"Shin." from a manga called. "Nanna" which is actually my little sisters favourite manga.

And in knews no body cares about.. the list of videos I am going to make first and in what order.

"Tale of Desperoux." makes no bloody sense.

"Superman/Batman Apocalypse." they are trying to make this a character piece about "Supergirl." which makes it dump, her character might have potential, but Christ is she written badly and clearly only written by guys imagining what women might think and like

"Twilight." we all saw this coming, it is no surprise!

"Barbie and the nutcracker." decided just to go with the first one.

"Wonderwoman." It's not that bad.. but have weird elements in it...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Where the wild things are, Movie review

I actually was in cinema seeing this movie as it came out one and a half years ago.
First now have I bought it on DVD and re-watched it.
The reason why I took so long being, I was actually scared to see it again. yeah, scared.

The movie genuinly disturbed me to my core as I saw it in cinema, and it lingered with me long time after.
At the time, people kept praising how good the movie was, but I had so much difficulty getting what the critics were trying to say, and I had so much difficulty trying to put the movie into perspective.. It really really just disturbed me, once or twice doing the viewing in cinema I genuinly felt like crying I was that disturbed. And yet i didn't know why I was disturbed, it's not a tripy sad film like "Requim of a dream." it's not a gore horror movie, I have seen tons of pictures a thousend times more disturbing than anything that movie had to offer, and still I was sitting with a trembling lip and a strained look on my face, feeling like going home and cry in my pillow.

The critic finally to explain to me what I had gone through, was the critic looming on the side calling. "The escapist." who do weekly reviews of new released movies, for those who don't know him you should totally check him out, he is called "movie bob" and is both funny and informative!
And what he said was just so true, and finally I could get the movie. He said and I quote.

"This movie is not to scary, disturbing or cruel for kids, however. It is to scary, disturbing and cruel for adults."

And I went completely like. "Ohhh! I see!"

Then I became sad, because the one thing I had sworn to be in life, is to always be a child, and that I was that disturbed, it simply means that I am an adult.

Because he was right, of all the movies trying to depict how a child sees the world, this one is differently coming the closets. How every thing is just much much more big and scary, threatening to crush you even though not meaning to, to how the emotions are much simpler, much pure and thereby much more dangerouse as there is no "reasoning." to hold them back, that is the thing we adults drives on.

When I was very small, I was terriefied that the sun was going to go out all of a sudden, and they do really adress feelings like that in the movie.

I was confronted with not only the wonderful childlike imagination only children can really see in everyday life, but all the dark sides as well. All the immature though pure emotions that just leads to trouble because it causes the creature not to think things through, being lead by hopes and imagination as well as jalousie and pride. I faced all does things I have stuffed away in order to become a mature responsible person, though that doesn't mean I don't have them. And the movie forced me the confront all of that, I was scared at the monsters as their emotions were out of control, and yet. they behaved exactly like I remember children around me behaving when I was small, subcounciouse memories of the feeling of not being treated well by fellow kids. (And that happens to all kids, I am not a being bullied case more than any other regular nerd.) But that kind of emotions possible resurfaced for the very first time in a very long time. Just as I had started to understand my adult self, this movie came along and reminded me of my insecure scared child self who rule on emotions rather than reasoning.

What does it tell, when a movie is capable of doing anything like that?
It tells that it is a unique master piece and no movie like it have been made before or is likely to be made ever again.
Even looking away from the narrative and what it did to me, Gorgeouse is even falling a bit short describing how it looks.
I love good animatronics so much, and I am happy to see that instead of computer animated monsters, because of this, they indeed look alive, and I was fooled because I was so much into the story and the emotions.

This is not a case of. "Go watch it dude it's awesome." or. "If you like that and that give it a try."
no, this is a case of. "If you are any kind of film fan, doesn't matter what genre or type you like, you need to watch this."
It is the movie we should show children so they can learn a lesson about themselves through narrative of story telling, and it's the movie you need to show to adults so they can remember how scary it is to be a child, or just in general how it is to be a child.

Not to forget, you need to see it to remember what a movie can do when on it's highest.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

me singing, it's not easy being green.


It's one of my absolute favorite songs in the universe, and I always figured a singer who is not able to sing. "Not fancy." is worth nothing.

My DvD collection.

I did it,
I did what many would call an ungodly sin.

I took every single last one of my DVD's out of the cases, categorized and numbered them and stuffed them in two aluminum boxes originally designed to contain CD's.. and then I threw all of the DVD cases in three giant boxes and put them in my parents basement.

And wauw! suddenly I have a lot more room and it's easier to me to keep order so the DVD's doesn't come in the way anymore.. also I now have a count on how many DVD movies I own...

I own... 351 DVD movies... and if it's a double disc feature DVD it still only counts as one DVD movie..

This is me, and my entire DVD collection in two boxes, categorized and numbered, if they had still been in the cases, the picture would just have been me swimming around in cases, they do genuinely fill up three boxes normally used for moving. I can literately fell how the movies aren't just laying around any more and falling down from the shelf which didn't have room for even the DVD's I tried to stuff there.

And here's what I think is really cool and a bit. "muhaha!"
next time I am going to a video night at someone! you know how everybody have a contest who can bring the most DVD's and thereby prove they have the cooler collection... I will just hank up in these two babies from now on, they don't even weigh that much, even for DVD's..

Just to make fun.. which one of the boxes do you think I have stuffed Horror, Bad ass action, thrillers and sciences fiction in?

duh the pink one of cause, it is filled to the brim with horror movies, because I love to screw with people.

And btw, I don't think I am the bigger sinner of DVD collectors, because every single one of my DVD's have been bought and paid for, stop pirating and support the movie creators!

Oh yeah, you can't it, but that wallpaper in the background is so cool! It's "Monthy Python ministry of silly walk." Wallpaper I got as a gift from my very good german friend when I visited in Berlin. Thanks Laurent! see, it's there!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Films in 2011 I am not going to support unless I have to, and neiter should you!

This list of stuff I want to see this year is actually pretty large, but as you know, for any good thing there is also a bad. Here is the disaters just waiting to be happening, which you should not support. unless they are actually good in case I should just shut up and go away.

February th 11; Gnomio and Juliet

Yeah... this is really happening, an animated feature about two gardening gnomes in a Romeo and Juliet plot.. and of cause it's in 3-D... and it looks stupid. I am sure anyone who watches the trailer can tell why they should not watch this movie!

February th 18; Big Mommas like father like son.

Jesus, this started all the way back in 2002, with a movie about a black dude going undercover and then dressing up as a huge black momma "tootsie style." and that movie was really not that good... at all. and then for reasons I honestly don't know it had a sequel! so, this is going to be the third supplemental where.. shock oh shock, Father and son is going to go undercover as big mommas together.
Don't support this shit, I beg of you. watch it for seeing how bad it is, but don't support it.

June th 3; X-men first class.

I love comic book universes, I love comic book heroes.
But this is a disaster waiting to happen. X-men needs to rest for a while now, and if you bring it back, it should be in a looong while, and as a total re-boot from scratch.

July th 1; Transformers, Dark of the moon.

If you don't know why you should not support this movie... get out.

Augusts th 3; The Smurfs

..... Everything about this movie is wrong.. just wrong.
And if you really had to make it.. New york? modern day new york? wha.. why? Smurfs are magically creatures in magical middle age like kingdom, their arch nemesis is a dark wizard.. and in any case.
Making a movie about this is dump!

August th 19; Conan the Barbarian.

Why did you need to make this re-boot to being with? why???? WHY?

August th 19; Spy kids 4, all the time in the world.

another one? really? the third one was bad enough, and it was bloody six years ago it came out! SIX! the last one, plus it actually had sort of closure.. erh. I didn't say that.

September th 16; Johnny English Reborn

yeas people.. this is really happening.. the sequel to the 2003 movie "Johnny English." yeas, that movie is now eight years old.

sigh.. gasp.. okay i'm good. but seriously? why? in my opinion he is genuinely one of the best most skilled living comedians at all, one of the funniest performers who ever lived.. so dear god why is this happening to me? I want to support Atkinson but I don't want that to happen, it just makes me sad.

November th 4; Puss in Boots

I like Puss in Boots, love his character. my favourite Shrek character.
Why do they keep doing this to me? no... I didn't mean it, he should not be destroyed in his own movie, have mercy! let him life! I love that little cat..
And this is so going to blow.

November th 18; The twilight saga breaking Dawn

.. I don't believe I need to explain myself

November th 23; Muppets.

I believe I need to explain myself,

This is not something I have addressed on this blog before, but I am a huge muppets fan! I love the original show, I love old Sesame street, and dammit I love most of the movies, I even own every single one of the movies! which is why I can honestly say.. how good the muppets are is decreasing.. a lot.
The last movie which came out was. "Muppets wizard of Oz." and it sucks... a lot. it is terrible completely lacking the charm which makes muppets so good.. trying to be so hip with itself and there fore misses the spot by a mile. Muppets were never hip to begin with! stop that shit! oh boy, this is going to hurt isn't it?

December th 16; Mission Impossible; Ghost Protocol.

I am also a fan of classic Mission impossible.. the old television series.. I never liked the new mission impossible movies, they had nothing to do with the show, other than taking the awesome theme tune, which is also the best thing about the movies. The show is an ensemble show all about being undercover and tricking the enemy with elaborate plans and team work (Like toy story 3)
The movies, are wannabe James bond.. it's horrible to witness.

And that was that... and I am probably going to somehow support half of these movies anyway.. dammit..

Movies I am so totally going to watch in 2011

This is the list of 2011 of the movies I want to go into cinema to see. Of cause fate can always play trick on us and I wont see anything, or I would end up watching something completely different, the list is set in dates instead of top tens, and it's what I want to see and have my eyes on.

January th 14; The green Hornet.

I really don't care, it's the movie that seems to be all that I want in a fun superheroishis film, with a mystery and some fun.
Though I have to admit, this is going to be either fail or win, with no in between. well, I only need to wait two mere weeks to figure that one out, so that's going to be exciting.

March th 11; Red riding hood

Horror based on the classic tale of little red riding hood, seems to have a gritty dark fantasy fell above it, and it's not bloody m, night Shamalayn, so it should be pretty straight forward, not to mention it got that very special thing to be directed and have been written by a woman, not that often you will see a film like that coming out of Hollywood, So I think it's at least worth checking out.

March th 25; Sucker Punch

Oh, now it's going to be good! Zack Snyder who proved his worth in ten folds by the special master piece. "Watchmen." which is the best comic book movie to date! have gotten free range to film his original story, in sheer comic book nerdiness, will it fail? will it hold up? only time will tell, but the trailer looks awesome and it seems like it's going to be an awesome ride!

May th 6; Thor

I wrote an entire article about how much I hate the Marvel Thor, but damn me if I am not going to see this at some point anyway!? also just to capture whatever continuity that is going to matter in the Avengers movie next year.

May th 20; Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides.

I don't care! This is the kind of movie that I want! so I am personally looking very much forward to this!
And it looks like its going to be fun! with actual sword fights, curses, pirates, zombies and really be the throwback to classic 30's and 40's swashbucklers that I want. so yeah, I am most differently going to go watch this in cinema! :P

June th 17; Green Lantern.

It's a superhero movie and it looks promising.

June th 24; Cars 2

.. I know.. Cars 2, the first one was the least good of all of Pixars movies, though still fairly good. but.. it is the only Pixars movie coming out this year! next year we will have another sequel (Monsters Inc 2) and something called "Brave" about some Scottish people.. and archers.. and.. stuff.. okay I have no idea, but in any case. this is the only pixar film this year, which from my standpoint ensures why I should watch it!

July th 15; Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2

This one speaks for itself doesn't it? It is most differently going to be a highlight of my year, and probably the cinema trip I am going to be the most hyped about! for three years in a row are more.

July th 22; Captain America the first avenger

This is so just going to be the set-up movie for the "Avengers movie" next year, we are going to get cameos from every single other marvel hero that have recently been made movies about, and it's going to be so awesome!

July th 29; Cowboys and aliens.

You read the title of the movie! you know what this movie is going to be about, and hell yeah! Cowboys and Aliens!!! it's doctor who levelled obsessed! it's going to be awesome... dude.. Matt Smith was wearing a cowboy hat in the doctor who trailer.. it begs the question, who stoles who idea?
hehe, Who stole who, doctor who.. ah my humour is terrible and I should just be locked away.

October th 14; The three Musketeers.

It's swashbucklers dammit, I need swashbucklers.

December th 16; Sherlock Holmes 2

Dude, the entire point of the first movie was to set this shit up, which excuses why the first one was merely decent, this ought to be awesome! I bet it's going to be awesome.

December th 23; Tintin, secret of the unicorn.

Steven Moffat wrote the script! Steven Spielberg is producing! Simon Pegg plays Dupon and Dupon! I love Tintin, and this is going to be so great.

My top 10 best cinema trips 2010.


Welcome back, and I forgot the last time around.
to insert pleasant or unpleasant image in your head, depending on who you are, and dude I keep insisting I am not attractive, but hell, if people contradict why complain? I was freaking drunk in the night and tipped over in bed around four in the morning. so yep! I am writing this while sitting with a nice hangover, but also remember what a great party it was, me being just drunk for once, and trip around in high hells I can figure how exactly to wear while trying to figure how I can get a cleavage as nice as Natalie Portmans without looking to fat..
ah, the human emotions that makes no sense.
So yeah, the top ten best cinema experiences of the year. Lets jump right to it!

10; Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1

You knew it was supposed to be here, I knew it was supposed to be here, so I figured it was well worth just getting over with!
The reason why it also only have the number ten spot for me is, whatever I ever have to say about Harry Potter will be unfair, because this is the most personal franchise to me that will ever be, it's my thing and I refuse to see anything wrong with it.
Also, as I said in previous review. It's hard to judge this movie, simply because it is only half a movie, and therefor you just can't. However, I will be sourly disappointed if the next and last movie will not be on every bodies top ten lists in a year! And lets not talk more about this before we can see it in it's glorious place in the big connection.

9: Splice

ahh Splice, there's so many people who have complained about this movie, said it was to disturbing, disgusting and freaky.
dude! it's a horror! it's aiming at being disturbing, disgusting and freaky! and further more, it success! a lot!
ahh, just the kind of old school disgusting horror movie I like, drawing the sense of unease more from characters and situations than effects and plots. greatly scripted and executed. And I head a great horror thrill ride out of it, I was connected to the characters, I was emotionally involved. and I just like this movie, it's one of the actually good horrors.

8; Megamind

People are going to be so mad at me, because I put this on the list, but not. "How to train your dragon."
I did see that to! and I liked it to! I just liked Megamind a littlebit better that's all.
Urh, again. I have written an entire review of this, I don't think I have that much more to say to be honest. It's fun! and it's a throwback to the old 60's and 70's of superheroes, the time when James bond were actually fun.
Well crafted, you care for the characters.. I dunno if I want a sequel or not.. knowing Dream works there will probably be one on. "How to train your dragon." at least D:
Btw.. the setting of that movie, have nothing to do with how a norse country look! That is not vikings! those are some sort of fictional characters dammit.

7; Machete

Oh yeah! this is totally how The Expendables should have felt like, grim and gritty but just mindless macho fun! with knifes and blood and guns and terrorists and explosions and car chases where everything gets crashed! I don't care! this was a blood thrill ride from that to finish and I just had so much fun watching this.
It's so funny because the reason why this film even exists is because of a joke somebody took seriously, the trailer had just shoot as a stand alone thing as a part of a joke, and then some company said."That looks awesome, why don't you make a whole movie out of that?" and then the movie is crafted to fitt around that trailer, all though it is actually still tightly crafted and well written, and just so much fun and so much a thrill.

6; Valhalla rising

You want to know what a freaking Viking movie is supposed to look like? this is what a Viking movie is supposed to look like!
And nobody than me have seen it.... for me it's even kind of personal as it is a movie made on international scale, by a danish director, featuring the best actors Denmark have to offer and tries to showcase the fell of olden Danish vikings. Oh it is in English and had international release! as I said, it's a movie on international scale.
Yet more importantly than all of that, it is also very good.
It's a very unique and sarcastic movie which build way more on brutal experience than story and plot. honestly, Marvel Thor is going to look so much like a little twerp when sat up against this.
It is however a movie you would need to take time to, to just sit down go in a trance and watch from start to finish, and like "A Space Odesy 2000" you just sit with the weirdest psychodelic feeling afterwards. it is a master piece crafted by the best Denmark have the offer, and I don't think you would ever be able to find a movie like it.

5; Inception

we have now officially reached the part of this list where I am just listing movies up everyone have in their top ten lists. I wish I could diverse but I need to be honest, and they just genuinely are what I felt like was my best cinema experiences.

phew.. Inception.. dear lord. I know it would be here somewhere, you knew it would be here somwhere, this surprises no one!
And it's good, I could give tons of reasons and explanations why it's good.. people are probably wondering, why am I not putting it higher on the list?
It fells like I am the only thing thinking like this at all, but I need to put it out there, I don't think I am ever going to watch this movie ever again.
I know it's good, and I remember it, I remember the scenes. But dear lord is it dry and heavy, it's not ever what I would put on for a chilled evening watching movies. And I am not saying every single movie should be. "Just fun." because movies as a medium can be an art form!

Well, we have all discussed it to death! lets move on.

4; Toy story 3

I am so weird.. I am putting Toy story over inception!
Yeah. I am, for me the two movies maintain equally great emotional value, only I had a better time watching toy story and I had an easier time embracing that emotional value.
Plus the movie in general just had bloody everything I would be looking for in a movie I am not getting! This movie features a better "Mission impossible" sequence than any of the mission impossible movies! all of the toys collaborating to spring their `prison´working on a old school plan which is stuff that should be in movies today! but aren't... dude, no body does ensemble movies no more.. they are all just the same D:
Well, this was different, and it was great. Everything I wanted in any action movie, and everything I wanted in a toy story closure. It was just perfect in my mind.

3; Kick ass

I love this movie!
It was the funniest trippiest cinema trip of the year! I honestly can't remember the last time I was laughing this much and just had a sheer good time while being hyped on adrenalin and just enjoyed myself.
Darn is it hard writing about movies that I like, I like them! but I don't want to say anything bad about them.
Well, this had it all a superhero movie should have, trippy fights, gritty gore, chasing, intensity. and as I said it's just hilarious. Nicholas Cage finally going back to what he is really good at is gold, and who ever played "Hit girl." she is a new star.
They are actually doing a sequel, and I am actually just looking forward to that!

2; Black Swan

Sha, wauw was this just great.
I mean.. it's a.. erhm.. I have difficulty setting it into words. a psychological horror I guess, but then it's so much more.
A character study of what seems to be the perfect woman and the ugliness which she have been forced to keep inside, and is now just fighting itself out and is so strong as it have been bottled up due to her mother and her life filisofy, the sexual needs of women, just sexuality.. erh, the need for perfection with an artist, which you can't obtain by being correct cause it's art... stuff. this movie have so many layers and so much going on for it. Natalie Portman as the leading lady is giving the performance of her life, and is just showing what a magnificent actress she really is, the coolest lady of the year ladies and gents. It is by no means a funny movie, but the edge stays with me, far more than it did with inception, and it just facinates me to no end.
As I have written about before, "dual personalties." like in Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a subject that always fascinated me, but never before have it been so good depicted by a female character, and the plot only being a firm study of her. it's just brilliant, everyone should watch it.

1; Sott Pilgrim vs. the world.

I bet at least one saw this coming.
God this movie is so great! finally a teen movie that genuinely fells like a teen movie for our generation instead of somebodies ideas of what a Teen life / fantasy might be like.
Edward Wright, director and main writer, also the man behind. "Shaun of the Dead." and "Hot Fuzz" can do no wrong!
And this movie is both entirely new in so many aspects, and shows what kind of movies should have been made a long time ago.
It's a feast in stylish effects and fights, the characters despite being in a world of imagination are realistic and you fell an understanding and attachment to them.
This movie should not be explained, it should just be seen!

In honourable mention.

Unfortunately I couldn't put this in my top ten movie lists, because well.. it's a tely show not a movie, but I really felt like I had to adress it.
In all of my life, I think I have witnessed two things in entertainment being created, which were truly and honourable special, in a magical childish way. And I have been so honoured by witnessing stuff like that, being in a state of anticipation and not being dissapointed when it came out, but could watch it and fell it mere feeling rule me rather than the rules, knowing that this is special.
One is the Harry Potter books, the other is this years season of Doctor who, years from now people will look back at this and say. "Why can't they do Doctor who like when Steven Moffat was the head writer?" Because this is not only good, it's truly special and unique. And I am so proud to be a part of it whilst it is being made, looking so much forward to the next season.

And, good new year to all of you!

From Sofie!

My top 10 hate cinema trips of 2010

Well since everyone who is someone on the internet is doing it.

And I am a no one pretending to be a someone, I might as well just give it a pretentious go.

Hell, I should probably just have smacked the camera up and talked about this, trouble just is I still have trouble with stupid finale cut pro.

However I am using this time to work out what kind of snazzy sour loosing character I am going to play.

And I have decided to take it all the way, be on the edge dude, and just play a character who is angry at the world.

Yeah.. we have seen this character a.. Gazillion times at least.

But have we seen a woman do it successfully? I think not, is it a vague concept to do it in? Sure, but lets just see how it goes.

Anyways, here’s my top ten personally favourite and least favourite cinematic released that I saw in cinema of 2010.

We will start with my top ten least favourite.

10; The wolfman

What a fucking disappointment this was.

As I saw it in progress and knew it was being made, I was very excited about this movie, I am a great fan of the old horror classics of the 30’s and 40’s, even have a collection and of cause own the original “Wolfman” with Lon Chaney jr and all of his corny sequels, it’s so corny and classical that it is just good.

And I loved how in the trailer and the posters they really tried to make it classic and keep the style up. But yet again as I think is a problem with new Disney cartoons, their intentions are good but they are building up the story wrong and not as a fairytale like in the olden days, instead you focus on plot points and plot holes making the script into a mechanic instead of a fairytale character study, it of cause does it makes it’s hard for someone like Spooney to point out potholes, but it also makes the film impersonal, unimaginative, not feeling like a magical tragic story and dull!

And this is why “Van Hellsing” is a very much underrated movie, I know many people for some reason hates it, I don’t see why because in my eyes it does it right, it’s a homage to the olden days and have fun! It’s a fairytale horror, something that is not done at all anymore, and it’s what this should have been.

The thing about werewolfs is that they are tragic and it’s a tragic story, like Jekyll and Hyde, Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the opera or Frankenstein, it’s a story always doomed to end in tragedy.. which is such a shame I fell nothing for the character. Lon Chaney Jr who played the wolfman back in 1942 was a perfect match, because he looked so sad and human. Benicio Del Toro just looks mean to me, and gives me the impression he would make a good. “Villain werewolf.” Only it’s his tragedy who is supposed to weigh the movie, and I can’t fell sorry for him, cause he seems so mean.. not to mention the lady is a fucking idiot and brain dead with personality of my madras. Gezz.

9; Robin Hood.

If you go a bit back in my blog, you will discover I already a good while ago wrote a “Robin hood from then to now” article, describing the various movie and television adaptations of him through times.

Needles to say I know this character and his different incarnations.. and what I can say is.. well thank fully it is not the “Kevin Costner” Robin hood, but that aint saying a lot!

This is not Robin Hood! It’s just Ridley Scott doing what he always do, and I must be honest. I have never been a Ridley Scott fan, I don’t like “Bladerunner” (yeas I know, burn the witch.) and I suppose “Kingdom of Heaven.” Was okay, but I fell no need to see it more than once.

What he can do is making big visual beauties, showcasing cities and huge armies fighting serious battles. And I find that dull! The reason why I think Lord or the rings holds up so good (even though it’s not movies I would put in the DVD slut for a chilled Saturday evening.) It’s because Peter Jackson have a freaking sense of humour.. Ridley Scott have none! It’s dull!

And worst of all, it’s Robin Hood! Robin hood is as a classic swashbuckler you can be! I want a swashbuckler movie! I need a swashbuckler movie! Nobody does Swashbuckler movies! And that is also why I don’t freaking care, I look so much forward to the next Pirates of the Carribbean movie dammit.

And what makes this such a huge disappointment was also all the transitions it went through, originally it was supposed to be some sort of reversed Robin Hood where the Sheriff was the good guy and Robin Hood was the bad guy.. sounded fun un my ears. Then it became something like the Sheriff pretending to be Robin hood so he can help the people without the Prince knowing.

Fukcing great! Sounds like the Scarlet Pimpernel, I so want to see that movie! Sounds so much like fun and just the kind of duel superhero identity I have been searching for!

And then Ridley Scott became a part of it and it was all washed down the drain, nothing of what originally seemed to be fun about this being the least present.. It’s the movie I really badly wanted not happening before my eyes.

8; Alice in Wonderland

what a Yanki Doodle diddle disappointment, as I have just finished talked about Robin Hood this is really saying a lot, but this was my greatest disappointment of the year, I looked so much forward to this and I really thought it was going to be so great.

I love Alice in Wonderland, and I love Tim Burton.. the two of them seemed to be a match made in heaven! I don't really like Disney no more, but with a title like that and a director like that your sure to earn your money so I thought he would have free hands.

Here's a funny fact about Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carol who is the original author was a mathematics professor, and a really oldschool one at that. Then it happened new younger dudes was coming along with new ideas about what mathemats are all about, really things considered standards today as it is really just simplyfying things. Lewis Carol just thought these people were insane! and created the books as a mean to showcase what a world based on their mathematics would look like, meaning making no sense at all.

That's right, Alice in Wonderland are books written to make no sense at all created for the nerdiest reasons possible, and this movie just try and inject plot and reason into that.

It's weird because the plot is just that kind of old school fantasy plot I am indeed searching for (all though to nitpick, i would have wanted to to be more intense rather than ellaborate) but it is really placed the wrong place, the only place where things are not supposed to make sense it's suddenly dull, boring and just incredible disappointing.

Yeah of cause it looks nice, but so did "The Wolfman" and "Robin Hood." it's still dull. not to mention that the 3-D effects was stupid and so obviously smacked on the last possible moment.

7; The Expendables.

So many people like this movie.. I really really don’t.

I really think it was dull and not at all fun in anyway, if anything it was just giving me a head ache with all does noises which didn’t manage to get my adrenalin pumping and didn’t make me go all. “Duuuuude! That was awesome!” something I think “The A-Team” actually did, which I find a better throw back to the corny 80’s or "Mancheto" for that matter, does movies were fun, this was not.. it advertised itself as being a fun throw back, but bailed out saying. "duude, we need to be serious and stuff." only the characters are so much like expressionless cardboard cut outs I am left to fell nothing and don't know why I should care for these characters, feeling no tension and nothing insane. The explosion are not that good, the grittiness is neither that good.. It has nothing going for it which either "The A-team" or "Mancheto" didn't do better, and they come out pretty close to it.

So I don't care people, this movie is stupid.

6;The Twilight Saga eclipse

Yeah Twiligth the movie everbody most wants me to talk about, because I am a girl and stuff, so I should understand this better and stuff.

And everyone just love trashing Twilight, and because I am a girl, I can trash it without appear sexiest! yeah!

Am I ever going to make vidoes about trashing these movies you might ask? well what do you think, for does who don't know, I am a cheap sell out totally prepaired to make the videos that will ensure people actually watching them.

And dear lord, of these movies are just stupid, ever single one of them. And yeah! the last book,, like the last harry Potter books is going to be split up into two, so we have two extra movies to look forward to! and they have written there will be more sex in does. Well at least the movies are finally throwing the gloves and is admitting what they are. Teenage girl fantasies!

And there is nothing wrong with it, I mean dude when the guys can sit and drool in bad movies over the sluts walking around with a cleavage the seize of grand canyon. Why can't girl have our bad sex fantasies? why do you think there are so many male on male slasher fics and fan arts out there? Females is a group who is not getting treated enough for our basic monkey sexual needs.

And honestly, as the last generation could drawl over Harrison Ford swinging the wip and Sean Connery in a tux, we are induced to fucking Sheila la buff wining about his life filled with mega robots is unfair, why guys both have mega robots and a lightly dressed Megan Fox to spark your night. It's just not fair.

Thing just is, I am not attracted to our two male leads in this movie, nor the other idiots walking around, they aren't even ever making anything cool or giving me any reasons to have wet dreams in the night, least of all is Bella anyone I could ever sympathise with. Everybody else said, I am just repeating what they said. These movies are dump.

5; Tangled

I wrote and entire review of this movie and why I don't like it... go read that.

Well, as I have all ready said. Dumpest dullest Alan Menken Soundtrack I ever had to hear and the songs are just so awkward, it broke my heart to hear Alan Menkens talent being abused like that, clearly there was no communication between him and the team.

Dump plot, Dump jokes, dump action.

The only thing it has going on for it is that the animation and the 3-D is bloody amazing, it's genuinely beautiful and breath taking.

Yet, I am a writer and proud of it, I look for what is happening in the writing. and this writing is dump, which is a shame as the movie could have been much.

4; Clash of the titans

Why are you doing this to me!? D:

I am a classic movie fans, I know the original "Clash of the Titans." I love the work of Ray Harryhausen.

In all of his old movies there is a ring of fairytale and magic to it, they are old and don't age that well, I will have to admit. but I find that to be a part of the charm, and in case, does movies have tons more emotional value than this crap.

The monsters are unimpressive, the fights equal so, there is no emotional value, there seems to be no magic.

People! Intense often give larger emotional response than big battles! It's even a lot more memorable, and it also makes sure the monster will be more impressive when we finally see it dammit. No one is impressed by computer animation any-more.

Jesus, and all of Denmark was ringing about this movie as our only big movie star. "Mads Mikkelsen" was in it playing the villain. "Draco" apparently he left no imression what so ever as no enternet critic or reviewer have managed to as much as mention him or his character.

Gezz I am so proud of my country, they practially peed their pants as he was in "Casion Royal" for about ten seconds time.

Anyway, movie.. I all ready said it. It's stupid, lets move one.

3; Shrek forever after

Why on earth did I even watch this movie?

What possessed me to do it? Why did I do it? I knew it was going to be bad, and yet I still saw it.

The trailer made me kind of laugh I guess, but god.. the only three funny jokes were stuck in the trailer so I already knew them. and for one and a half our I was stuck with an ogre who had a mid life crisis despite his life being perfect, and going to another reality where the fun was relied in alternative character interpretation, which just ended up feeling like abuse towards the characters I genuinly still liked in the previous movies. Plus it was just not funny.. and again. The 3-D was stupid!

3-D in animation can be awesome! I was in "How to train your Dragon." "Toy Story 3" and especially "Tangled." so why was this so fucking stupid?

the best jokes were always where they sort of lovingly parodied Disney, I could trace none of that here. it was just a cold unemotional cash cow. And it was hurting me so bad.

2;The last airbender

The movies that hurts the most, are always the movies abusing something that you love. and even worse is when you have been tricked by the trailers to think this was going to be great.

I love the Tv-Show. "Avatar the last Airbender." I even wrote a blog post about it, it's a brilliant, fun, imaginative, heart warm, with depth, really really good Tv-Show.

The trailers for this movie looked so great, it looked like things directly taken out of the movie, but in life action.. does clips were fucking fake, only created for trailers and was no where to be seen in the movie.

And the movie was stupid, only sheep's would enjoy this.

I mean god, talk about clunky inconsistent story telling that despite the movie just being 70% people telling what is happening, the audience still don't have a clue because it doesn't make any sense!

The highlight should be the bending battles, where characters fight using their own respective elements, that always looked beautiful and was always imaginative and different in the TV-show.. it was so dull in this movie. and the same two movies consistent of "Fireball" and "Water shield." used over and over and over and over... and over.

The characters who were so great in the show, with strong personalties you really cared about was just sucked out of these people, they had no personality and they had no emotions, not to mention the actors were terrible! but that could also be because they only had stupid to work with.

Though I think the biggest crime was.. one of the strength of the TV-show was how fun it was, it was great fun from start to finish with lots of funny jokes sprinkled everywhere. this movie didn't even try being funny, it just wanted to be the biggest seriouse master piece ever.. wha wha ... D:

We are in a world with a "Chosen one." bending battles and it's for children, this shit only ever works if it's fun. Come on! please! Dude!

M, Night, Shamalan have officially lost any kind of respect he ever had as a director, his last couple of movies were bad, but this is the worst one. and because it's based on something I liked, it just hurt me.

sigh.. it's just bad. and though I am not a Christian... dear lord god and savour let there not be any sequels!

1; Cop out

I really really should just have set up a camera.

I could have done the whole act of just starting crying and reach for my bottle of absinthe while shouting. "Fuck!" and "Shit." over and over.. and yeah that is cheap comedy.. if comedy at all. but I am a cheap sell out.

Yeah, this movie is stupid and unpleasant on every single level imaginable, though the fascinating and hilarious bit for me, is not the movie itself. It's what went on behind the scenes.

I like Kevin Smith! I really think he brought something good, unique and new to cinema, and I genuinely think he is a good film maker.

However, this movie is stupid and the most soulless thing he have ever done, and when people started pointing that out. He got really mad about it! he started talking down about critics, really just trashing them and said. "They just don't get the movie." "It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's fun, why can't people get that?"

Well, I get that. Kevin Smith is mostly about fun, half his movies are just harmless fun, but this movie is just not funny, not one single jokes is funny.

And he has gone on so much on a rampage now that he wont give his next movie. "Red state" out to critics before premier, and he wont be giving out interviews as it gets released... that seems pretty dump to me, isn't that just denying yourself the most important form of advertising? And I am actually looking forward to that movie, just saw the trailer the other day. It's looks scary as hell, gritty and uniqe. I am so going to watch.

But jesus Kevin.. Cop out, it has no passion, no soul, no ones seems like they want to be in it. It wants to be fun but just is so far from it, it's an ugly movie that actually hurts. and it is my personal pick of my worst movie experience this year.

Follow up in my next post where we take my top ten best liked movies :D

.. dude, I watch to many movies -_-;