Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thor movie review

Just came back from watching "Thor"
Who would have thunk, that it's the that has nothing at all to do with vikings other than some borrowed names, but about these knights in an alien city flying around in colorful capes, wearing silly helmets and use massive weapons.. who was going to get a very firm structured three act shakesperian story piece, allowing it to just be a movie not pretending to be anything else.. a tale, something I have been looking for.. and some scenes indeed just smell of Shakesperian court intruqes and emotions, sometimes mixed up with some fighting. And who would have thought that... it all fits. It works! this movie is.. good. Really good.
It's not groundbreaking or anything, it doesn't give us something new, but it does give us something rare.
It's a movie not ashamed to admit.. that it's a movie and a fairytale, structured and told as such. having the fell of the good old days in the fourtish and how you would structure and adventure movie back then. It's unashamedly the kind of super-hero movie all other super-hero movies shy's a way from becoming.
It is.. fun. And unpretentious. Who would have thought that Shakespearian Kenneth Brannagh would be such a perfect fit for this? the only other major hollywood film his done.. "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein." is not a movie I fancy. but this one I enjoyed.
It's by no means flawless, but it's straightforward has a firm grounding in a three act plot and it's a lot of fun. I think the major flaw is that it never raises above any of this, it never even tries.. but on the other hand, that also turns into a strength and a nice change of pace.. also before the super duper awesome avengers movie comes out next year. It's nice just so sit back and relax the story.
Many worries have gone out that it's to complex.. not a problem, it's not even a tiny bit complex, it's straight forward. And it really is its own movie and not a set-up to the avengers. "SHEILD" place its own part in the movie, having an actual purpose and there is a one liner hint towards "Iron Man." and a one liner hints towards. "the Hulk." and that's it. small snacks for the nerds to feast on.
I have to admit.. I never ever liked the Marvel Thor.. as I said, it has nothing to do with the Norse mythology other than borrowing some names. But I liked the movie regardless.
Christ Hemworth who plays Thor.. is a keeper! I swear, he has the best smile in cinema history, it reaches all of his face and his eyes, he is just so likeable! and got a... really good body.. I am sort of in love..
He is perfect casted most differently, and he could without a problem carry the entire movie on his shoulders.
Now.. we all know what exactly is always the weak point in all of these superhero movies, without any exception.. the lady love. This time played by the lovely Nathalie Portman.. well, she is not annoying, she doesn't come off as a card board cut out and she is kind of likeable.. not that interesting, but just the mere fact that she doesn't annoy me instantly grant her "Above average leading lady in superhero movies." status. It's a shame though.. but honestly, I don't know either what to do to write strong female love interests. now that I write myself and am really getting into it.. you realize how hard this really is.. I got no solutions on this.
Loki... oh boy Loki.. again, this Loki never ever had anything to do with the original Norse mythology Loki.. and even if they didn't shared a name.. this Loki has always been my number one most hated arch nemesis of all time. Because all he seems to be is being the powerful god who never grew up and all of his motivations is "Daddy and big brother never appreciated me." emo issues.
And yeah.. that is also what he is in this movie.. yet strangely enough.. didn't come off as annoying as Loki usually is to me.. he is still a wining bastard but there is something more going on here. plus the actor is just perfect and very enjoyable.. I don't know if this is intentionally or not.. but I love the tale about how in the beginning of the movie Thor looks like someone who seriously needs to grow up and Loki is the voice of reason, differently looking like the grown up of the two. and by the end of the movie, Thor has grown up and suddenly Loki seems like the child who needs to grow up. That's clever structure, I like that.
All though, I don't see how Loki is ever going to make a comeback without appearing like a whiner :/

So as I said. I liked to movie, it isn't ground breaking and amazing, but it is fun and entertaining, it keeps a nice balance and a nice pace. Is a swell fantasy adventure not pretending to go out of scale, it's a great chance of pace.
Go give it a watch, it's cool.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I don't know if any-one even cares or not.

I'll been pretty busy lately which is why I neither have written much or released my first video... real life keeps getting in the way :/

But I developed a concept I personally actually think could work and is kind of different from what we usually see on the net. I talk about it in a second.

Just.. on thursday I will go in Cinema and watch "Thor." now of cause I am going to make a blog-post about it. My question just is, would people rather prefer if I write an article about it or if I set up a video camera and talk about it? I don't exspect any-one to care.. but, you know.. if there is a preferance I might as well just go with it.

My net concept! great, well.. I am creating a new persona, and I am going to call her. "The DramaQueen."
What is so different about this persona should be evident in the name.. my idea is to try and sort of make a cross between Miss Piggy and the trickster, a persona who loves to play out in front of the camera and can use just about any probs to make things look a bit more exstravagant, this character wont be an angry character but rather an enthusiast and a attention horror. If she wants to be a superhero she picks up a bed linned and ties it around her neck to jump out and proclaim justice for the world.. As what I am working at currently is a "Darkwing Duck." review.. a lot of Darkwing Ducks persona is slipping in... which is fine, I adore the character. And seriously, every one should watch that show, it's a piece of pure genius!

Anyhow.. It wont come out this week, I am to busy! I am not even so sure it will come out next week.. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.. and then see if the character even works.
I just want to be able to display my lust for stage performance and using regular items.. also my main goal would be to be funny but never succumb to fighting as that seems to be all other net reviewers are doing :/

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Doctor who: The impossible astronaut, thoughts

I know.. I really know. I shouldn't be doing this at all.

Doctor who is probably the currently most popular show in nerd circles and everyone, I really mean everyone! Is making some sort of review out of this..

But craters, I can't help myself!

Help me guys, I am the only one in miles radius watching this show, there is no one I can talk to. And boy was this season opener something else. and boy do I think the only prober word to describe is. "Intense."

Well.. firstly what I kind of fell many reviewers (yeas, beat me down now, I am critising all other web reviewers.) has wrong.

You can't... it's impossible to even attempt and review this episode in any other regards than your immediate exsperience. Not only because it's the beginning of a two-parter, so what you have is only half an episode. But also because it's an episode all about setting up, you can only review this episode as you know the pay-off. which wont be revealed to us before the very end. And thus, this series, more than any other series in doctor who season.. will ultimately have to be judged as a hole after we seen it all. I foresee that none of the future episodes should be judged on their own but only as a part of the collective.
Which is different, nice.. will make it harder for new people to get into the show but be more rewarding for the fans.. And from a writers stand point it's exstremely impressive and the reason why I favor British Tely so much over American.. stuff like this just wouldn't happen in American Tely.

I said it once and I am saying it again. Steffen Moffat is a uniqe and rare talent in writing, there is litterately only one of him and when he is dropping out of writing will wont see anyone exactly like him ever again.

What you learn to see as you watch either a lot of movies or read a lot of books is that really good writers really have personality within the writing. I can recognise a RTD structured script, I can recognise a Moffat structured script. These a guys with very different personality.

The interesting thing about this season starter is that it takes every single thing Steven Moffat is good at, and he has showed us before that he is good at, and shoveled it into forty minutes. From. "Where is my mommy?" transformed to. "Watch out for the spaceman." to, weird paradoxial space travel only Moffat can pull of, to the weeping angels distant cusins.. which scared the living hell out of me. This is so clearly a moffat script!

It's bold, it's different, it's shameless. It's Steven Moffat being an eleven year old kid sitting by his computer saying. "Oh boy! I need to find more ways to use my time-traveling device! I need to do it differently, oh! and I need to make it a western, and I need these creepy ass aliens.. and, Riversong gets fleshed out." I mean... the guy is on a rampage and he is on crackers.. seriously.

Though as with the last season.. I know that he wrote the ending first and then all the other stuff so it would fitt in.

It's another form for writing, which I use myself.. J.K. Rowling is a clear user of this tactic to. Writing the ending first and you can have all this stuff going on as long as you reach the goal, and lay out small hints and signals.

My favorite one from the last series... which no one picked up on or have mentioned! Is how in "Victory of the Daleks." Amy drives ford the human side of the robot-doctor man, by reminding him of his love, which is a clear connectiong to the season finale where Rory proves that he is human not a robot because of his love for Amy. Small things like that is littereted throughout the series. And as will they probably be in this season, it all ready Started. Moffat is a man who looks forward, who wrote the ending first and thus is able to drop all these small references along the you can go back and discover, but first makes sense as you exsperienced the finale. (Exactly like Harry potter actually...)

As for a season started... best one I have ever exsperienced, but only as a season started. I am on pin and needles to watch the next episode and the entire series, I have no freaking idea where this is going. Which is good. I was scared, I was sad I laughed. And I don't understand how it was humanly possible to get that many things into forty minutes of tely! I am sincerely clueless.

Does this episode make any kind of sense? Nope, it doesn't.
Does it matter? I really don't think it does. I need to ask again, when ever did Doctor who ever make any fucking sense? This show doesn't make any sense at all. It's all about our feeling as adventure, the show is the only show thus far capable to turn me into a little child when I watch it, capable to make me loose myself into whatever is happening. Nothing else is able to do that anymore, and that is why I adore the show so much.

The reason why Moffat is better at this than T. Davis..

I don't believe RTD is such a bad writer as everyone gives him credit for. I mean, look at the numbers! look at your own adoration for the show, we wouldn't have cared if it was that bad. I just think that the thing is that RTD is very inconsistent. Because, when he is good, he is really good! when he is bad.. he is bad. He constantly bounches between being good and bad, but it's his personality. Oddly enough, I think the two writers are pretty good represented by the Doctors they were writing for. Tennant really is the face and perfect representitive for RTD, Mat Smith really is the face and perfect representetive for Moffat. You know that saying about writers and directors casting people in the main parts that they view as looking like themselves in their own mind? I believe this.

I am getting side-tracked. I'm sorry. What I meant to say is that Moffat is really good to keep it being about the people. Letting it be about the companions see future doctor die and now have to keep it a secret from him, let it be about Riversong who loves him but is doomed to tragedy. About the doctor knowing that his companions is keeping something from him, and now have to show fate by not asking.
By keeping these personaly themes going, it doesn't matter that the sci-fi doesn't make any bloody sense.

It's not any writer who can do this. It takes skill and personality, I'm positive Moffat puts a lot of personal exsperience and feelings into his writing. Cause that is how writing works, believe it or not. You write about what you observe and what you have exsperienced, only give it other names.
Writers have as much uniqeness and personality as painters and as a writer you can't really control your style, same as one who draws can't really control it either. Certanly you can always become better, and the more you write the better you become.

I guess.. I am just tired of people bashing RTD when there is no need. He did the best he could, he he delivered the torch to somehow even he thought was a writer tons better than himself. Someone will at some point take over from Moffat, and guess what, that person will be completely different to and nothing like Moffat at all. Moffat's personality is just to huge, no one will be able to copy it. No one will be able to copy RTD.

Just saying.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Elisabeth Sladen is dead

Holy crap are you kidding me! this just seemed to come out of no-where for me, I had no idea.

It's just been released to the press that Elisabeth Sladen, known for playing Sarah Jane Smith a third and fourth doctor companion out of doctor who, re-apearing in the re-launch twice and having her very own spin-off Sarah Jane adventures. Died because of Cancer..

She had Cancer? That's.. unbelivable, it can't have been more than one year since she shoot the last season of Sarah Jane adventures and she looked as spunky and full of energi as ever.

Sarah Jane has been known for being one of the most beloved companions ever to appear, and I understand that, I love her to, she's always filled with energi, always fighting back... despite having often recieved the part as screaming companion in trouble. but she was good at that to, as I also said, she got god damn spunk, I moment that always makes me laugh and I will forever remember is in "The planet of the spiders." Where her and the doctor have been captured in the spiders net and litterately can't move, so the two of them decides just to lay there and joke in lack of better things to do, then the spiders come and collect Sarah and pulls her out. the joker yells. "Don't worry Sarah Jane, I wont let them harm you!"

Sarah Jane is struggling to the best of her abilities to get away, not screaming or anything just struggling replies. "Oh you don't worry Doctor, i'll bite them if they come to close!"

.. Amy should totally have at least one line like that in the new season which starts airing.. Next Saturday! huzzah!
I mean.. i'm very sad, and I genuinely am. I'm a bit in a shock actually.

I can just hope Doctor who have brought her as many good things as she has brought Doctor who, that it made her life richer. She will very much be missed.

And that fifty anniversary looks less and less promising :/
I mean, if Sarah Jane was meant to appear I guess there is a lot of companions who would be able to take her place but.. none of them would quite be able to fill her shoes, she was just so... So extraordinary full of life and energy.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Jonnhy English reborn trailer

boy, it's nice to be allowed to be positively surprised once in a while.

When I first discovered this movie was going to be made, the "Why!?" feeling was the one thing dominant, and now the first trailer is out.. and it looks.. okay.
It doesn't look amazing but neither does it look like bull crap, the star of the trailer who looks genuinely funny and proves he still got what it takes is Rowan Atkinson, which is great as he is the star.
The movie looks sort of like "Naked gun" to me, which is one of the kind of movies no one seem to be able to do anymore, My guess is just the time have moved away from that sort of thing, but with an actor that is from those days and a character who hands down is a product from naked gun, it makes sense.

Anyway, I wouldn't hate this movie to soon, hell, it may actually be hilarious, certainly Atkinson wont be the reason if it isn't.