Thursday, 5 May 2011

Beastly movie review

Oh boy.
One hundred and twentytwo percent guilty Sofie pleasure.
Well, all though I try to hide it, I happen to be a girl, and there are romances I love to watch... as I first heard about this movie, Beastly, a modern interpretation of beauty and the beast happening in the big city between two high schoolers.. I was into it. I tried to convince myself that I wasn't but I was, I wanted to see the movie. Totally guilty.
And even worse, now that I've seen.. I really liked it.
Beastly is another movie trying to cash in on the major popularity of Twilight and is indeed yet again just a supernatural romance spending most of the time with two people falling in love and being.. well, romantic. ... I always thought Beauty and the beast was the most romantic tale in the entire world, I've seen lots of different interpretations of it and.. yeah I sort of like all of them, in each their way, some a pretty bad and yet they still have something.
And this, have at least three factors for it that works which is factors against Twilight.
1; The movie is about the romance and never tries to sell it as anything else, thus you will get what you paid for and can't be mad about that some sort of war plot that doesn't make any sense.
2; the characters are likeable and we get why we should care for them, the key part in any beauty and the beast adaptation is making the beast absolutely loveable, making the audience fall in love with the beast on the same time the heroine does. And it works here, we even like the heroine, she actually has personality is not vain and is not stupid in the least, the beast (Hunter) actually has to win her over, which he does wrong in the beginning as he tries to buy her with gifts, and she is just not that kind of girl, first as he simply starts being nice does she open up.
3; Chemistry! these two actors have chemistry, their characters are actually likeable, they are flawed, awkward, not afraid of laughing and look both alive and vibrant on screen, the most important aspect of this movie works. The romance works.
And.. that's all the movie exists for, all what it tries to be about, a self exploration about inner beauty, our place in the world and what love really is about it. And it works, that's all there is to it.
I blatantly admit this is as much a girls movie as it's ever going to be, and it's probably my biggest girly pleasure ever! I even adore the fairytale style there is over it, both in cinematography and soundtrack to how they just go with it that there is a witch among them.
I promise, I still don't like Twilight, you would never catch me watching Sex and the city, but this I like. It's what Twilight should have been.
God it's nice with a romance where I actually like both the man and the woman, often I only sort of like one of them while the other is simply to nice and cheesy. The beast is close here, but he is awkward enough to make it work.. and he has a great smile. That's another thing people should do more in Hollywood movies, smile! Chris Hemsworth smiled a lot as Thor and I totally fell in love with him, and not only for the body.. the guy playing the Beast smiles a lot and I bought it raw.
Well as I said, for girls, a little guilty pleasure not saying much and not doing much. Something for a very relaxing saturday with the girls, nothing more.
And I liked it. Now you can use that as a weapon against me for the rest of my life.


By the way, I just managed to get my hands on the book to, and it happens to be a very slim little book I just managed to read in the hour it takes for me to take the bus to work. Also I am a fast reader.
Well... the movie is better than the book... The book is pretty much shit and it's very obviouse that it's an inexsperienced young author who wrote it.
I like the issues the movie chooses to pick out that the book doesn't even mention, a moment that differently stood out to me in the movie is when the beast overhears his former friends talking about him.. the person he used to be, and as it turns out, none of them liked him, they were even intimidated by him and felt forced to act like jackasses to stay in his favour so they didn't have to become the bullied ones.. and it was so obviouse from his eyes that he didn't even realise this fact. Stories like this rings a lot truth to real high school life and was a great little moment in the movie, the book is far to busy being over the top cheesy, it's a poorly written poorly concieved novel with little to nothing going for it, and I would more compare it to does cheap monthly teenage horror novels I can buy in the local shop than an actual novel. The script really deviates only maintaining the actually good ideas.
So yeah.. for ones in my life I can say, don't bother with the book if you want to exsperience the tale, just watch the movie.

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