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The curse of the black spot review

Ah that was nice, that was really nice to unwind, such a good idea to move this episode to here. I don't think I could have taken anything more serious than this at given moment in doctor who.

(Originally this episode were supposed to be aired as episode nine in the season, but someone moved it which explains the last scene inside of the Tardis.. It's purely a re-shoot to assure us we are there in the time line :/ )

God dammit I love this show! I love it so much, this is the only show in the universe where something like this could ever happen.
The Doctor ending up on a cursed pirate ship, come one, we all wanted to see it!

I love pirates as some now, I love the old classic movie tradition of Pirates, and I love Pirates of The Carribeen I, simply for being the perfect call back and homage to that old kind of adventure movies. I have long adored Doctor who for be the only show which is this kind of adventure show as you would have back in the thirties and fourties where it's all about the adventure, the lady and the fun.

There is not much to the episode, it's a nice little unwinder with cool pirates and a lot of funny situations, nothing any-one is meant to have fun of.

How-ever, what I kind of fell it prudent to talk about right now is Moffats influence at how Doctor who is being written as a show, because yeas, he is clearly an influence and a lot of writers look to him for their own episodes, this Episode obviously in particular.

Moffat have a lot of peculiar quibs and stills no one else have, certainly not Russel, and I can spot at least two major things in here which is so obviously a Steven Moffat inspired quirb (This is not bad, all artists bassically just take what they like the most and put their own spin on it, that's how it works, originality is well.. sorry, a lie.)

What Moffat does so wonderfully different from everyone else is that he unashameable writes "Fairy tales." and try to create a sheer fairytale enviroment in his stories. "The girl who waited." "The centurion who waited a thousand years." "The world which didn't have any stars." "The imaginary friend who promised to come back." "The libary build for a dying girl."

And he's villains are all fairy tale villains, the sort of villains who the earliest folk tales is all about explaining. "The enemy that only comes when you don't see them, when you have the back on them or blink." "The creatures who hides in the dark and in the shadows of the big woods." "The monsters in the corner of your eye who doesn't want you to see them, but you need to look." "The creature who is right there with you, in the room, only you can't really see them."

And this episode had an idea of it's own and beat Moffat to the punch, sorry Moffat, you can't have all of them. "The person on the other side of the mirror observing you, the world on the other side of the mirror."
This is merely a plot quirb in this episode, but there is potential for a lot more.. meh, what ever, it works.

The other obviouse Moffat Quirb incorparated is how they are all marked one by one and then taken by the sphiren but is fine somewhere else, the twist works though, so okay.

I can't help but wonder how much of an influence Moffat actually make with these fairytale episodes and running themes, going back to sheer basic and the "Fantastic." instead of "Cool."

That's a major different on him and RTD, RTD was all about trying to make this "Supercool." and Moffat is about making it. "Fantastic.".. I will always prefer Fantastic and magical, I honestly believe the trouble with all the childrens tely today exactly is that they are all about making it. "Hip and super cool." urhg.. :/

Anyhow, so many is a fan of this show right now and so many thinks it's the best show they ever seen, among all these young fans there is probably sitting a few future major writers. I am a writer.. not major, but a writer, and years, this inspires me a great deal. Moffat is making an impact on the future here, and it's different, its about the "Fantastic." and "Magical" it's about "the young girl who met a fantastic man who knew everything about her, and she ended up living for the days she was with him, only everytime they were together he would know her less and less, until at last one day, he wouldn't know her at all." and to take a guess though it hasn't been said out loud yet.. I bet it will at some point. "The girl who isn't afraid of falling because she had been promised that no matter when or where she fell, she would always be caught." .. I think that would explain another thing about Riversongs character, she jumps so much out of buildings only because she has absolut faith that the Doc will always catch her. about. "The loniest creatures on earth, because they can never see each other."

Stuff of fairy tales.

By the way.. I fell so sorry for Rory! I mean.. I know I said that I kind of wanted Amy to safe him soon so I could see why she was worthy of him, but dear god. How many times have this poor lad have to go through a near death exsperience? How many times must he stand around in the background looking completely useless? Though lord knows he tries, that's the second time he tried to fend something off with a broom stick.
I adore Rory, I like him so much, and I fell so sorry for him, he always end up with the short end of the deal. poor Rory.

See, this is why the Doctor in genneral only have one companion, because the other one end up standing there being useless or he will be the emotional weight of the story as it's him who is in danger and needs saving. Thus far, Rory had nothing to do in the season, god I hope that will somehow change in the future, I want him to succeed. He couldn't even keep his own last name after his wedding, nope it had to be Mr. Pond, god Rory. I hope the gods (meaning the writers) have mercy upon you soon.

And next week. Neil Garman episode everyone!

And for does who don't know who Neil Garman is.. dear lord people, go to the libary and pick up a book, I don't care which one of his book, just one of them.
Well, he is a fairytale and fantasy writer known for his stylish fairy tale books, just the kind I like. In media two of his books have become movies so far.
One is "Stardust." which is an amuzing fairy tale movie, not that ground breaking but a nice change of the norm of Fairy tales in Hollywood as it is ironic and funny but doesn't take the Dreamwork route of trying to be all cool and mordern and sarcastic and urgh.. stuff you I just had all to much of all ready, what's wrong with straight fairytales huh? There is only two places I can get such things nowadays, in Doctor who and with newly released Neil Garman material, jesus.
The other movie is the stop-motion animated "Coraline." which is simply and amazing movie and really shows what Garman is all about.
And more than that he is one of the only five writers who wrote the last season of "Babylon five." which is an awesome different kind of show any sci-fi geek should see.
He done some more tely work here and there, written a good chunk of books, some adult oriented some kids oriented but all with a ironic smirk above them and a strange sense of humour which I like.

So hell yeah am I look forward the next episode!

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