Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New muppets movie trailer..

hmm, this trailer tells me two things which were largely laking in the other more recent movies.. this movie seems to be, self aware and sarcastic.. knowing it's not supposed to be cool and not supposed to be grant, yet looks kind of nice.. call me, cautiously optimistic though not entirely buying that this will be good yet... I want it to be good, but I don't really dare hope... please lets just one of the muscial numbers being so good that everyone will go on and hum it for eternity.... just like in the olden days.


  1. I must be kinda out of the loop because I've never seen a Muppets movie. But now uni is over for the summer I have plenty of free time. Would you suggest somebody of my age see some of the older ones, or is it more a nostalgia thing? What ones would you recommend?

  2. Oh, the good of the movies are differently worth checking out even though they have no nostaliga value to you.

    Most differently, check out "Muppets Treasure island." And if you are not constantly chuckling plus humming some of the tunes afterwards.. I have no right to even attempt being a net critic.

    And then when your done with a Treasure Island, go straight for a Muppets Christmas carol! those are differently the two best movies of the franchise, if you see them tell me about it kay :)

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  4. :O dear lord it took me over 2 months to get these two movies seen. To be fair, I have been struggling a little with funds sooo....

    But anyway, I really liked Treasure Island. Catchy songs and several parts did make me laugh, which I didn't quite expect. It's one of those movies that I'll definitely watch again, probably a few times, but only in certain company. I think I'd feel a little self conscious watching this around several of my friends, perhaps because of its colourful nature.

    Christmas Carol though, wow. Just, wow. I am totally sad now that this wasn't a Christmas film I saw as a kid because its probably one of my favourite Christmas movies and certainly one of my favourite, if not my complete favourite, telling of this story. Does it make me a sissy that I nearly shed a tear towards the end, during the scenes with the third ghost? I dunno, but I just loved this film.

    Oh, and thanks very much for the recommendations. :) (sorry for double post)

  5. @zhoom

    That makes me very happy that you say that.

    Quite honestly, a muppets christmas carol is my favorite christmas movie of all time. I always loved it, so very much, and it will always stand out to me as the best movie version of Lewis Carols christmas carol.

    A muppets treasure island, it just always puts me in such a good mood. I love it so much. and quite freanklu... this movie is starting to make me a little nervous.. but excited.