Saturday, 14 May 2011

Smallville finale review

Yeah well... the series is ten years old that means I was eleven when it started out, so don't fault me for having watched it now and then through the years, I mean, I grew up loving the supehero concept from a very early age, so excuse me.
And now when I have seen it since I was eleven, of cause my enourmus curisousity had me watch the finale...
Erh well, there is both good and bad stuff to this.. I think it lingers a bit to much in the recycled monologues of "Leaving the past behind." "Don't forget the past." "look to the future." "Remember your past to face to future."
Yeah, that got old, real quick.
And dammit I had the feeling that someone was over abusing the fact that they had the actor who played Jonathan Kent back.. I mean, he is bloody god damn everywhere! despite his character being dead and they about that very fact, all the time. urgh, he's dead, and it was actually a quite good dead and impact on the series, so get rid all ready!
It was nice though that they managed to get Martha Kent back for the finale, I liked that detail.
And what this finale did was basically setting up. "Louise and Clark." if someone is familiar with that old superman show.. if not, you can check it out, it's great fun actually.
I loved the last five minutes after the climax where they completely embraced the utter campness of Superman, it made me smile, and that theme music from the movies playing over it, it made me sigh and think, dammit, this is what the show could have been. Like Doctor who, it could have been about the fun, adventure, and campness, but of cause not, this is America, we need to be so dark, gritty and realistic as humanly possible, even when the series we are making is about a dude in a cape who can move planets with his bare hands and stop bullets.. shezzz. Smile ones in a while! have fun with your own concept, it won't hurt you.
And dammit! Dammit dammit dammit, ten years, we have been waiting ten years to see Clark Kent in the suit.. And there is not as much as one frontal picture of the entire of him in it! What!? probably another attempt in trying to keep the "realistic tone."
God, what realistic tone? this show had evil clones, meteor rocks that gives ordinary people super powers, witches, old Indian prophecies and curses, villain toy makers, alien enemies, an arch nemesis that died around ten times and is still back in the finale (I like the fact they managed to get Luthor back for this though, as I set, it is setting up Superman quite well.)
And actually all in all, this show would have been so much more enjoyable had they embraced this campnes all along instead of trying to distance itself from it in a vague attempt to be "cool."
When are you ever going to learn? the most praised episode of the series is even the "Absolute Justice." two parter, which indeed looks like a comic book.. but life action. Featuring Stargirl, Hawkman and others looking like themselves in I am telling you, costumes that looks like they were taken directly out of the comics. That was the most camped episode ever created by Smallville, and it was also the coolest. That was way more memorable than a jerk in a orange "realistic." looking speedo calling himself Aquaman.. shezz.
Embrace the fun people! how hard can it be, I loved these last five minutes, simply loved it, it was totally embracing its own environment and ridiculousness and I Was thinking. Oh dammit! that's the series I want to watch, why can't I see that show?
Okay it would probably have flopped pretty quick due to it's camped tone... still made me smile all over.
All in all, it's actually a good seasons finale, finally everything is sat up for Superman, Clark.. after ten fucking years, flies on his own accord (Though he did levitate in the very fucking first episode ten years ago, took you long enough Clark.)
He got the suit... though we don't get to see him probably in it... dammit.
And I am willing to bet that the actor who plays Clark have just been waiting all these years to do the run shot, you know up in the rough, dressed as Clark kent, comes running towards the camera, the superman fanfare playing in the background, as he throws off his glasses, throws off his jacket and rips open the shirt to reveal the superman symbol underneath.
Yeas he does that, it's the very last scene in the episode, and it's awesome! the perfect way to end it, most differently.
If you never watched this show to begin with.. don't bother now, it's not that good. Watch the old cartoon from the nineties and the Justice League cartoon now you are add it, those are awesome, with well constructed story lines, amasing adventures and great characterization that doesn't have to try and be, but just is.
If you at some point saw Smallville, yeah it's nice to get it with.. also, how nice is it to see Clark and Louis actually be together for real by the end, no tipping around no secret keeping.
Naha, they are together, they are partners and that's that, and I like that! I like it a lot.
Fun ending, very fun.

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  1. I knew things wouldn’t be easy for Tess when she was trying to tell the others about the coming darkness. Smallville is great at ruining weddings too. Few small weddings could be that lavish either but hey, it’s more than a wedding, it’s an apocalypse. Honestly I want to see these episodes again but I can’t save them on my DVR forever, it’s too many so I deleted them and now I’m just waiting for the Blu-ray to come out so I can rent it from Blockbuster in November. I got on a waiting list which is really cool about Blockbuster and I got my account free for 3 months with my DISH Network employee account too.