Saturday, 7 May 2011

The worst game in the universe

This game I am going to enlighten you about, is evil.
And I don't even joke, I am dead seriouse, If you ever come across this game, burn it, burn it and shout at who-ever thought it was somehow a good idea, it's not. This game destroy lives.
I just came across another ass who thought it was a damn good idea to do this with his elementary school class and imediatly it brought back terrible school memories.
This game I am talking about takes the innocent form of a stack of cards.
The game is simple, the class sits in a circle and each one goes up and pick a card and each card would say something different such as.
"If I stranded on a island but could only take one person in this room with me, it would be you."
"Your pretty."
"Your clothing is cool."
and now hang on.
"You should learn to control your temper."
"You talk too much."
And so one, each card something new like this.

Now you may think the bad thing is getting one of the bad cards, no, that was picnic if you ask me, it hurt sure, but there is something much worse going on for the wrong people.
Now, I was never ever popular in school, pretty much bottom of the hacking order, I always hated this fucking game with a passion still do... I am actually shaking lightly just talking about.
And then imagine that I, the nerdy silent girl from the corner who gets picked on quite often, stands up in the middle of this circle, every-one in my glass looking at me, and I pull the card. "Sometimes your annoying."
Fuck! no matter who I give it to I know I am going to hear from it as soon as the bell rings, it reduced me to a wreck! Literately, stuff like this is scaring for children, I would never ever want to put another child, hell another person through this.
It's wrong of me to call this dude who thought it was a good idea an ass, cause he is not, it's well intended and all, but that doesn't stop it from being downright cruel.
Just don't do this. And if you ever come across someone who is planning something similar, stop that person! make that person see reason, just stop it!
I came through okay, I am now living as a happy self confident person, but I am also shaking thinking back at this and other people aren't so lucky to have great supporting caring parents, great friends who helped me grow so much, I am differently not the same person as I was when I was fifteen. Big interests I have always been able to disappear into which helped me move on and have a life outside of school. I am lucky with my life, it helps me grow and it never fails me.
Other kids are not, other kids can be destroyed by games like this, just don't let it happen, I beg of you.


  1. Oh god, we had a kinda similar one at our school where we had to say something nice about the person on the card. There was always some person who'd get my card and say that he/she couldn't think of anything. Some people at school would use any reason to be mean. Uni's much nicer ;)

  2. yeah, thankfully children grows up!

    yet, it's still terrible to be exsposed like that.