Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Thank you so very much!

I so fucking can't believe I don't have to pay for these things!
These are donated to me all the way from across the world from the united states, Donated because of some Darkwing Duck stories I wrote a while ago, and Irual who send them to me still insist I don't have to pay.. I am still as gobsmacked as ever! And they are beautiful! These comics are beautiful!

It's the bestest gift ever! I love them so much! I love them I love them I love them!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

X-men first class Review

And this is how you figure that you gained weight and your hair is stupid..
I have no idea whether to think it's sort of cool my hair is able to defy logic like this one a daily basis or if I should just go out and buy some styling products.. and I have most differently gained weight since my last video :/

If you got comment or a question, just ask I promise I'll answer., maybe I should turn that into my trademark that my hair will always be a wild mess.

So honest thoughts.. I know I didn't go into how wild this movie is, but... should I keep on recording reviews like this or just write them?