Saturday, 17 September 2011

FUCK THIS SHIT! George Lucas just needs to screw up his own stuff!


I am not even that big of a Star Wars fan.. I saw the movies as I grew up and liked them all right but was never that obsessed with them.

I litterately felt a sleep in Cinema doing "Phantom Menace." and was one of the lesser touched by how bad the other two were, hell, I was one of the few to see straight through them from day one, which I recieved a lot of flank, it was the emotionally detachment that enabled me to see through them, I still believe that.

But now as I have come prober deep into geek culture, I truly realise how important these movies are to a lot of people.
These movies, are as important to some people as Harry Potter is to me personally, and that makes them such important and valued movies in my book, which should be cared and treasured for, they are more than movies now. They are peoples memories and dreams.

So.. I have been one of the people more patient around George Lucas, but honestly.
Fuck it!

Fuck it, Fuck it, fuck it!"

New Blue ray release of all of the six movies every-body!

With over fourty hours new exstra material!
But not the promised inclusion of the movies in their original unaltered state.
Nope! Star Wars fans can suck it that way.

Instead, and oh oh, oh they joy! there is all ready a list out now showing several of the alterations made.

And I am going to quote here. This is a quote:

Oh Nooooo! Vader’s ‘Jedi’ yell
Remember at the end of “Revenge of the Sith,” when we finally see the completion of Anakin Skywalker’s turn to the Dark Side, and he becomes Darth Vader? Then you probably recall how that incredible scene, something "Star Wars" fans had been waiting to see for years, was undercut by Vader’s instantly infamous “NOOOOOOOO!”

Guess what Lucas decided to add to the climactic moment in “Jedi” when Vader saves Luke from the Emperor? Uh-huh. The Sith Lord now also says ‘NOOOOOO!’ before he gives Palpatine the shaft and tosses him over the rail.

Story: Darth Vader makes his fantasy football pick

The Internet nearly cracked in half when news of this change leaked. Either Lucas likes the continuity of having Vader bellow the same silly thing in the end film of both trilogies, or he just wanted to get under the skin of the segment of the fan base annoyed with all his tweaks. Mission accomplished, George.

Obi-Wan sounds different
No, Lucas didn’t overdub Sir Alec Guinness’ voice with Ewan McGregor’s, though considering how much "Star Wars" fame bothered the late Guinness, he may not have minded it.

Story: One man, 34 'Star Wars' voices: Impressive, it is

Instead, Lucas has replaced the Dragon Krayt scream "old Ben Kenobi" uses to scare off the Sand People who attacked Luke and Threepio early on in “A New Hope.” It sounds completely different, and to be honest, not at all that bad. But the new audio also adds nothing to the scene, so ... why bother to change it? (One fan has created a video linking up audio of the new scream with the original clip.)

Yoda goes CGI
The Grand Master Jedi is getting a digital makeover. Instead of the puppet Yoda that was used in “The Phantom Menace,” Lucasfilm’s tech maestros have subbed in a fully computer-generated version of the greatest of all Jedi. Considering how puppet Yoda stood out in the CGI-scape of Episode One, this is a welcome change. Now if only they could have figured out a way to digitally scrub Jar Jar Binks from “The Phantom Menace.”

Deleted scenes
When you’re talking about a film franchise like "Star Wars," any unseen footage is a big deal. And the deleted scenes are the highlight of this set.

According to Hunt from Digital Bits, several of the deleted scenes from “A New Hope” showed up years ago in low-quality form on a CD-ROM called “Star Wars: Behind The Magic.” But most have never seen the light of day, until now.

“I’ve seen a few of them [on the Blu-ray] and they’re really exciting,” he said. “Major stuff ... things fans have been wanting to see for decades.”

Up to 45 scenes are included. One of the biggies is an alternate take on the scene early in “The Empire Strikes Back” where we first get a glimpse of the romantic tension between Han and Leia. Besides that, there is another deleted “Empire” scene involving Wampas and the rebel base on Hoth.

Story: Han and Leia heat up in deleted 'Empire' scene

From “Return of the Jedi,” there is a sequence involving a sandstorm after Han’s rescue from Jabba’s palace.

The outtakes from “A New Hope” include one scene with Luke and Biggs, and another where Aunt Beru pours blue milk. Trivial? Yes. But weren’t you always curious what moisture farmers actually farmed?

The prequels have a number of extra scenes that haven’t been released before, too, but it’s the footage from the first three — material that’s been under lock and key for decades — that make this collection special.

“In this day and age, it's rare for any existing footage to be kept off the Internet for very long, whether it gets there via leaks or marketing campaigns,” said Rick Marshall, contributor for and IFC.

End Quote:


Even I, a none obsessive Star Wars person, am so mad because of this!

The drop in the cup for me though, must be Yoda be turned CGI!


Yoda is like my favourite thing in all of those movies! Frank Oz! creator and puppeteer of Fossie bear, Cookie monster, Miss Piggy, Bert.. and.. and... and.. they turned the beautiful, precious puppet... into fucking CGI..

Fuck it.

Friday, 9 September 2011

V-log; Meeting Nostalgia Critic and Spoony one in Vienna.

I did it!

I bloody did it! Me and Doug! Right there, in the same shot.

Wonderful man! absolutely wonderful, he so deserves every good thing that has happened and hopefully will happen to him.

And Here is my proof that I in fact can sing, I am not quite sure Doug believed me when I said I could... I play the Piano to just to put it in there, and i'll probably record it for a video at later time.

Monday, 5 September 2011

On my way again.

Just wanted to tell,

I've just been to Wien to meet Doug Walker, aka the Nostalgia critic and Noah Antwhiler A.K.A Spoony.

And I did! Also I met Benzai, Welshy and Sad Panda! all extraordinary nice guys.

Right now though I am sitting at Vienna airport and is just waiting.. and waiting... aaaand waiting..

Jesus am I tired! but oh my god was it worth it! I really did get to talk with these guys, just chilling out while relaxing, it was pretty damn sweet.

And I got some footage with me and Doug, which is going to be used in a video I am going to release in.. about two weeks I think... Hopefully it will be even sooner than that. We'll see.

It's going to be a review of a terrible movie called. "Mac and Me." also dubbed. "The product placement movie." of my film nerds.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Muppets Wizard of Oz; Movie review, vidoe!

my second very serious attempt on doing this! I can honestly say I gave it my very best shot, but that I have an awful lot to learn, I honestly did not mean for this video to be this long! I was aiming at 20-25 minutes. Which I obviously failed, many points and even some jokes was left out doing the editing process as I realised how long the video was becoming!

any constructive feed-back would be deeply appreciated. Please enjoy.

Batman Tas top ten audio commentary