Sunday, 16 October 2011

Merlin season 4 started.. holy... oO;

I just felt like I really had to address..

Last year, when Merlin season 3 kicked off, I wrote a very long blog called "Merlin, the show of lost opportunities.)

Where I listed everything I felt needed to be fixed with that show!

Stuff on my list was.

"Move all ready! Go some-where!"

"Take yourself more seriously, don't be afraid of being a little darker."

"Stop using that fucking dragon!"

"Kill Uther, as much as he is a good interesting character, he's done his part now, and is keeping the entire showm from growing, he needs to go to allow the show to grow and stand on its own."

Erhh... all right three episodes into season four.. we are talking.

It happened.. it happened.. that happened to.. and.. wauw.. it happened..

My list have been fulfilled...

I don't know what the hell happened!? If there was a change in production staff or writing staff. or well.. but.. count me very happy.

This season kicked off with a genuinely scary two-parter. The way it was shot and pieced together, actually scared me.. a lot.
Episode 1 were more scary than episode 2 to be honest, but dammit.. it was so cool! And.. the resolution.. which is so strange for a Merlin episode, was not a complete re-set.. they had to pay for a solution.. dearly, there was consequences here..

And now episode three.. Spoilers I guess.. Yeas! Uther died! .... O.O
I actually didn't see it coming.. knowing how Merlin has been as a show up until, I kept exspecting him to pull through.. but he didn't...
I do think his death could have been handled better, in my perfect universe Uthers big mistakes would come back to hunt him, his ways are self destructive and a lot of people are out to get him.. he is the reason Morgana turned evil, so the King who wanted to destroy magic created the most powerful black witch ever. Now that's irony!
And well.. was it up to me, Morgana would physically have driven a dagger through his heart, that would be visual showdown right there.
Perhaps moments after he realised his mistakes, and then it's just to late.

But oh well, neither was his death terrible, he got to shine one last time to save his son.. and, his death has great bearing on the story in general, setting off a whole string of new situations, which is good.
For the first time ever.. this was an episode where the Dragon did not appear! Hurrah!
Merlin himself came up with the idea and realized his idea! now that's a real main character! and his idea back-fired here, no magical solution! Hurrah!

This is seriously taking the turn for the better, and well.. I just hope it keeps on going with a more firm arch where stuff actually happens and change things.. if the first three episodes were any indication.. this is going to be one hell of a season.

By the way, I love how they stopped saying "young boy." in the opening narration and instead says. "Young man." that is a true indicator that the show has grown out of its flimsy origins, nice one!
And.. Colin Morgan is not a boy any longer, so man am I glad they did that.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011