Tuesday, 10 January 2012

my life at current time

Urh.. okay cool.
There still aren't that many followers, but a double up is still a double up!

Cool! thanks guys!

So I guess.. I better start using this blog huh?

So.. what is going on in my life, why havn't I made as many videos as I intended to?

Because believe me, the intention was there! I meant to do a "Green lantern." review before new year, a review of. "The end of time." as a christmas special, and of cause the new year lists of "Best and worst movies." perhaps also about the movies I look the most forward to.

So.. what did happen?

Well.. a lot of things, and.. a lot of trouble.
honestly, this has been the suckiest December ever!

It's not that I don't like December, I adore christmas! but one sucky thing just happened on top of the other! and then one major thing which was more suck than all that happened prior combined came a long and toppled everything off right before christmas!
It actually tipped over my entire world for a week or two.

All ready I was headed towards a black hole, but that was just an earth quack so to speak!

But some-how, that same terrible thing has become a wake-up call and well. suddenly I was. "No."

No I don't want to end in depression! No I don't want to end up in a hole! I don't ever want to have suicide thoughts, NO NO NO! I refuse!
So here's what's up, I actually haven't had a stable job for three years, I had a lot of creative odd jobs different places, none of them lasting for very long, because well, when a creative project is over it's over. I've applied for a lot of creative educations three years in a row, and didn't get into any of them.
When stuff like that happens three years in a row, it does feel like ramming your head into a wall, and it's part of the reason I were headed where I was headed!

And now I have said NO! I did some-thing very difficult, I let go of my persistent pursue of my dream, at least with one hand. And I applied for an education which only has partially something to do with my dream, but I have a really good chance to get into with my skills and school papers.
With a bit of luck, I will be studying as an social educationer in Drama, music and bodily movement, either Februray, meaning yeas, next month!
If I am less lucky I will first be starting at August, but that still mean this year!

And after a years study I can pick whether I like to specialiese in "Children." "People with special needs also meaning handicapped." or "Socially awkward people."
I am actually hoping for either Special in need children or socially awkward people. And yeas, the latter can mean people who has been on drugs and bad societies, people who are in prisons, that kind of stuff. I do think it could all become very exciting. And the important thing. I'LL GET OUT OF HERE!

And a more sure thing. I am freaking moving away!
I found a new place to life! a place where there life more young people, there's better access to the city and the train station so I can go where-ever I like. My friends will be closer and hopefully, my renter not that big an idiot!
I'll be officially be handed the key at February th1, and I all ready signed the contract.

So depression and being stuck the same place can go and bite me! I am sick of it! I refuse to be dragged down by myself.

I am in the editing phase for my newest video which will shortly be posted at the Agony booth, and of cause here!
I think...

Thanks for showing an interest every-body! it wont be to long till the next video I promise, and ones I get started there should be much shorter between each video!