Thursday, 26 April 2012

Short thoughts on the Avengers movie

This is just a quickie as I literately just stepped through the door after having seen the Avengers.
It's after midnight and I am supposed to go to school tomorrow.

The reason why I got to see it all ready now? European release bitches!

Let me just say... all the rumours are true, THIS IS AN AWESOME MOVIE! WOOO!

This movie, is the definition of a fun movie! It is an awesome fun experience to watch, and that's pretty much how to describe it.
I cannot recall ever having had this much fun at a movie.

Is it deep? no. Is it thought provoking? fuck no,  is it entertaining as shit? How about most entertaining damn thing ever!

In that regard, it really is the ultimate comic book movie, a must see for any action or comic book fan.

BAY! this is how you do it and make it truly funny, I laughed out loud over and over, I was awed by the epicness which kept on being even more epic when you thought the ceiling was reached.

I yelled out "WOOO!" more times than I can quite. THIS! is a real comic book movie, and fuck! Best fucking cinema trip ever!

It was like a roller-coaster, I feel like I was loosing my breath. Started a little slow as it needed to sample the team, but then it just build and build and build and build, as I said, you kept thought. "okay that was it, you can't make it more epic than that." only to ten minutes after being left with. "okay they could. But that was it, can't be more epic than that... yeas it could."  :O

Yeas I am hyped, and it feels good :D

So going to watch this again while it's cinema, and I have not said that about any movie since I was... around thirteen years old.. oh dear lord.

Yeah, that's a stamp of recommended from me to you.

Monday, 9 April 2012

My higher power

Well, I thought perhaps it would be sort of fun to actually use this blog.

Try if I could put my thoughts, ideas and ideals down on paper for future debate.
Hopefully later for a transfer to a more substantial web-site.

These are my ideas and my thoughts. I don't ask any-one to share or even agree with me.
But making people think, is always good.
And to make people think from another perspective than they usually would is even better.
There is nothing more healthy for people than being plunged out of their comfort zone and into a strange territory.

Most people will recent such treatment, suddenly being vulnerable at a new place unfamiliar to them will turn people afraid, and as to cover their own fear and vulnerability, they will now become hostile, mean spirited, rude. And hide behind what they all ready know, cling to what their mother told them was right, and draw what-ever comfort from what is easy to say "this is right."

Would be nice if we could all follow an all ready written book guide to life and call that ultimate truth wouldn't it?
It certainly would makes things a whole lot simpler, less dangerous, it's some-thing to hide behind and some-thing to look at instead of the ugly truth.

And there you have the power of the church and the bible.
Or at least part of it, they use fear to turn people into extremist, to stop progress and stop new things from happening.
All people hate when things change, the older you get the worse it becomes. We like to feel safe, and not knowing what may happen is not being safe, so at least we like to uphold the illusion of being safe.
Many may dream of being a great adventure out in the wild world, but most people don't even dare, don't even have the courage.
And being an adventure is not to travel around preaching your ways. Then you lost the point, being an adventure is getting out and getting yourself exposed to different things, different ideas, different people. And be willing to let that into your mind and let it form a new view of the world.
Ask yourself, do you really have the courage to do that?

Obviously, I am not a Christian.
Neither am I a Jew, a Muslim a Hindu, a Satanic, a Norse believer, a Greek believer. No, I don't have any cool religious title to spit out. Neither am I an Atheist.

I believe there is more out there, I believe what we see and perceive are but a speck of dust in the big order of things. And I don't believe it's all over when this body gives up and closes down.
I have to believe that, or I would drive myself crazy.
The notion that you close your eyes and it's over, scares me. I am willing to admit that, it gave me nightmares when I was a child. I am with peace that all I have now, will one day be gone, will no longer be mine, but left to some-one else.
I as a human being, just can't cope with the idea that it stops.

But as long as my own foolish believes helps me to get the best out of life, I don't see why to change.
I don't see a reason to make other people change... as long as they are not doing harm.

I am assuming I only get this one life, so I should enjoy it. In either case, I know for certain I will only get these exact opportunists this ones.
It is now that I am a pretty young Danish blond, it is now I am good friends with so many artistic people, it is now I have a dad who taught me the things he did.
Even assuming re-incarnation is the right answer, the situation, experiences and opportunities of my next life will be completely different from the ones I have now.
Thus I should use the time I have now while I am still me, while I still have the life experiences and observation that I got.
No two people are identical. never.

But, it is indeed sad I have to make all of these excuses.
It's hard being a human being, as we are the only creature on earth self-aware enough to be scared of these things, to ask these questions, whom has to cling on these ideas to cope with a far from perfect and often time brutal world.
Being a human-being is hard, it's very hard. We are the only specie where some deliberately commits suicide. Because it was simply to hard being a human being and live life as a human being.

I was never suicidal, I would never ever want any-thing to end like that ever. I got much I want to see and to much I want to do.
I don't want my story-book to have that ending.

Yeas, story book. Even above, I made up stories to cope with my own existence, I make up stories as I go on in life, making myself the main character.
When a really good movie ends or I finished reading the best book, it doesn't end there, I will spin further on the tale.
A good story teaches me lessons, it makes me feel and experience, makes me question, makes me hopeful and lets me fly.

I believe in stories.

No, I don't believe life is worth living only because of stories, I believe life are stories.

You always life in the now, what-ever you tell about the then will be your personal view and personal interpretation of it.
It's your story based on what you saw before it and what was revealed to you personally after it.
The tomorrow is yet another unwritten page, and when you get that far the now has become what-ever story you tells about it.

People often roll their eyes and calls it ridicules that people put so many emotions into a movie or some-thing like it.
I don't. Movies are stories, life are stories. That's why putting an afford into getting good messages and good stories across is important.
What the movie tells children and adults a like can affect them. And don't look at me like that, some-one agress with me, otherwise we wouldn't have all of those censor problem around with mad parents shutting down tely programmes.

What people should realise though, is what-ever you do when complaining about a movie, the characters in it are still fictional, and they wont be that greatly affected by what you say or do.
People around you how-ever will. And that's why people should remember to priorities real life and decent human communication, even if you do get worked up over how much you hate the star wars prequels that's messing around with a story that meant some-thing to you.

We are as human beings are the only one having stories, and been using them for entertainment for over two thousand years, and a mean of escape and belief.
We need those stories, need them badly.
Christians are no better, the bible is nothing but a very old collection of stories, it's the meaning people put into those stories that makes them so important.

People feel those histories are that damn important, because how old they are, and because our parents believed in them, and their parents before them.
I how-ever don't believe it matters where the story comes from or how old it is, as long as the message is good and the point relevant.
I actually find the collected works of Doctor Seuze could make up for a magnificent bible!

Follow me man, lets start the church of Seuze.

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