Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sketch; message for Harvey Finvoice

Well, good and bad news.

Good news I got my ass moving and just made a sketch.
bad news is that I suck at it, real bad.
But then I guess you just get better with practise.. or something.

Well, in homage to Linkara, and his Character Harvey finvoice.

hope people wont hate me to much.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

tries to upload my... erhm voice.. yeah.

I am still trying to get that video response out.

I am just having trouble with finale cut pro!

For those who don't know, advanced cutting programmes are stupid!
but I also figured that if I figure the programme now it will ease video making a hell of a lot in the future.

Well, I uploaded two singing videos on youtube, and I just thought what the hell. why not just also get them up on the blog, it's all me.
There's the one I like and the one I like less but is fun.

The first one is me singing. "Maybe this time." out of Cabaret, which showcases what my voices basically works best with. Which is Cabaret Jazzy songs, my voice is Corny!
There are good and bad things about that, though quite frankly I do think the good out weights the bad by far, it means my voice is difficult to control and make sound any kind of good, but when it works you can tell it's me cause my voice is unique, as my teach loved to remind me off, it just took me around five years to get that.

And here I added my voice as the third part (second lady to enter a minute into the video) as Percy is "The Riddle" from the scarlet Pimpernerl. My voice is simply horrendous for this kind of thing!
but it didn't stop me from trying X)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Doctor Who a christmas Carol

Doctor who doesn't make any fucking sense.
If you try and go around this as the usual Spoony Nostalgia critic kind of way, you will end up giving yourself a head ache and soar throat.

But dammit is it good. Or at least I think so, I really loved this.

I was looking so much forward to this years doctor who christmas special, which was not only awesome simply because it is a Doctor who christmas special, but also because this year it would combine two of my favorite things in the entire universe.

"Doctor who" and "A christmas Carol."

A Christmas carol is probably my favorite story in the entire universe. I know so many other people tire of it, and I can understand that as it is depicted over and over and over and over. I actually own no less than eight different movie versions of the story, not to mention the book both in English and Danish.
The tale facinates me to no end, and I think is the one tale in the universe that bearest the most truth. Also I sincerely think it explains what Christmas is all about much better than the Christianity Evangelism, and also tells why we should celebrate Christmas much better than any religiouse text.
I am not a Christian, and A christmas Carol tells me why I should celebrate christmas.
I don't believe in Jesus, but I do believe in Fairy tales. :)

So, as I found the first christmas Doctor who Special written by Steven Moffat was entitled. "A christmas Carol."
I almost wet myself in pure excitement. I would not have been that excited had Russel T Davies still been head writer I have to be honest. But Moffat can do anything, and his strenght is that he keeps it intense and on the persons, so all that sci-fi shit and can make at little sense as hell, because the personal story is so intense and strong.

That is this episode, I mean come on we start off being told we are now on a planet where Fish swims around in the air.. that's the sci-fi of it!
And then we meet our Scrooge, and his story is the core and the human aspect.

It also tells me once again what a brilliant actor Gambon actually is, and why he was sort of just miss cast as Dumbledore, not a bad actor. in here, he is perfect for the part and plays it to perfection as well, both being scary and unpleasant but also have a human turmult going on behind it all, and as the story progresses, we fell very sorry for him. And fell his pain, and though he is willing to let four thousend people die, we just fell sorry for him in the end.

hehehe... and let the fanfics of Amy's and Rorys sexual adventures begin. That made me laugh. but oh well, he have been waiting for two thousand years, it's good know he is finally getting some so he can really enjoy the price.


No need to pan out Matt Smith, of cause he was just brilliant.. no news there.

Katherine Jenkins. I had no idea who she was prior to this, but what a voice.
One of the few solo opera altos, I love that, there is really ground to the voice and it doesn't hurt my inner ear. count me a new fan.
I find the trouble about opera singers that every female solo artist is sopranos, and I can have difficulty enjoying that, something their voices just frighten me and makes me jump and cringe, and then it's just frilly frally up in the air with no ground to it.. This was perfection, why did this first come out now? If I knew who she was I would have wished me a re-cord in Christmas present.

This was certainly a very new and unique way to use the themes of "A Christmas Carol." but appreciated and very welcome.
I think what people hates in every time nowadays somebody do an interpretation of a christmas carol, it's just the same thing recycled over and over, trying to be as faithful to the original story as possible, thing just is, we know that one, boring! give us something new. We do have a gazillion authentic films about the story all ready, why not make a depicting and a interpretation of the story instead of staying faithful? that would be great! and that's what this christmas special did.

I do think Steven Moffat have the mind of a child, the season whit him as a head writer felt more like a fairy tale than any series I have ever seen, and he just goes on about trying to use time travel as a device in new ways. I think he is just genuinely sitting and thinking. "How can I use Time travel in a new way again!? there must be some way!"

As I said before, he doesn't only use it to change the setting, no no, he use it as a plot device, in a way I have never ever seen before, and he keeps surprising, also in this episode.
He really shows us what Doctor who as a concept can be capable of, just having fun, do all that stuff you know we actually kind of do want to see but doesn't dare to voice.

Trailer for next season, wauw that seems exciting.
Hey the Ood is back. I don't care I like the Ood. Simply because it's nice to have just one alien race we can recognise, which neither look human nor is just out to kill the doctor for reasons.. and you know, destroy earth.. for reasons.
It's nice to have just one alien race like that, it makes sense to me.

Happy christmas :)