Monday, 28 March 2011

Sucker Punch movie review

Man, I am not going to lie, this is one of the movies I was really really excited about this year and was just iching to get to see.

Zack Snyder is without a doubt one of the few actually really exciting things happening in Hollywood talent and especially because I was still not all that sure what kind of animal he is, what he is really about.

Watchmen is in my mind the best comic book movie made thus far, because that is not just a movie that happens to be based on a comic book (Every single batman movie, X-men, ect) no, Watchmen is a hands down comic book movie taking that extra step. I am not saying any of the other movies are bad movies, they are just not comic book movies merely movies based on comic books, I will say the other movie that come closest is Spiderman, to an exstent 300, which is also made by Snyder. but watchman is the only movie thus far actually reaching that point and becoming a Comic book movie, and I purely love it!

That is though also the only movie Snyder had made so far that was anything out of the ordinary.. though also proved that the man doesn't know what the term "Unfilmable." means, and he keeps on showing that point in sucker punch. everything else before that have been unremarkable, though I am sort of lead to believe now that is only because he was a no-name and controlled by the studious, he fought his way through the ranks by making all the re-make movies the studioes knew they could earn money on but no director with a name would want to touch, and then at last he got to adapt 300 which became a huge success despite being on a small budget (And if you ask me, I am impressed of what he did with that little he had.)

Sucker Punch is a totally different kind of animal though.. it's a hundred percent original film, written and directed by Zack Snyder, this is who he is, this is his style, finally I can identify what it is I am seeing when I see the name. "Zack Snyder" on a poster.

And dude.. Zack Snyder is my kind of film director, a director with his own unique style as a painter he creates moods and scenery using music and obscure beautiful scenary, each frame can be cut out and be used as a wall picture. I recognise Watchmen a lot, different just is in Watchmen I thought it was the comic book talking not the director, I was wrong, Watchmen the movie.. it's purely Zack Snyder. That movie is as much his as Sucker Punch is.

I all ready know now that Sucker Punch is going to take a lot of crap from a lot of people, lots of people are going to hate it, especially do I think some are bound to be pissed at the ending and call it a cheap cop out. I don't though, I really like the ending. the entire movie is kind of like Zack Snyder meets the comic book verse meets Brazil.. you know, the Terry Gilliam movie. Yeas the one about the man who dreams himself away from the horrible reality and in the end it all becomes so muddled that the line between reality and dream blures until the audience just don't know any-more. I wont go as far as saying that Sucker Punch is as good as Brazil, it isn't, it doesn't pull the evolution of a dream growing stronger and stronger while everything intensifies and leaves you breathless, quite as well, but it is good, and I love this concept.

Also, this is a girls movie dude, a movie with girls in the main who kicks ass but are not just empty shells with a face and some nice boobs. That is something I have been searching for (and is still searching for actually) a good comic book movie with a interesting female lead.

Personally, I think this movie is awesome. If this is any indication of how this movie summer is going to be, man what a blast.. the list of movies I want to see just seems to be endless this year. (Captain America, Pirates 4, Harry Potter 8, green Lantern, Thor, Tintin, Sherlock holmes 2 and even more!)

It's its own animal and is a very special movie creating it's own special universe, not trying to be anyone else, careful work is put into each frame and a story is actually being told. It told me who Zack Snyder really is and it have made me twice as excited about the upcoming Superman movie Snyder is going to direct, now I know it's going to be a Superman unlike any Superman I have ever seen before, and also totally different from the new Batman, it's going to be Snyder Superman and I can't wait!

Check it out and see it for yourself, this movie shouldn't be missed!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

three Musketeers trailer

God dammit, this is another one of those movies which was really one of those I personally wanted, an old school swashbuckler. Something I just really really wanted. But this honestly looks like shit.

The high light for me differently is that it seems like Orlando Bloom is going to play an over the top villain, something I have never seen before but actually have wanted to see for quite a while.

Fortunately, as to make up for this. The new pirates trailer looks awesome and like the movie I actually do want to see this movie.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Waiting for Godot

Considered one of the most important and influence plays in the 90’ century.

The entire plot of this play is though, explained very easily and very shortly.

It’s about two men, waiting beneath a tree for a man called Godot.

And that’s the entire play, two acts folks.. Yet, of cause there is a lot more the to the play than just that, all though the prior description is very correct, it is just two guys waiting by a tree.. and that is two very contradictive statements isn’t it? Yet that’s kind of the entire point of the play.

Nothing happens, though there is more to it than that, yet when you look at it, nothing happened and we haven’t moved from the spot, despite the intervening and attempts of making the time pass faster, while giving a sarcastic comment here and there, while asking some basic yet philosophically questions, we haven’t moved at all.
These two men is desperate to find ways to make the time pass while they wait, just so the times passes quicker and gets more enjoyable.

But yet all that happens is that it becomes night, and they proudly exclaim. “We made it! We made it through another day!” and then the response is. “Yeah, but then there is tomorrow…”

We might as well hang ourselves now…

The play is enjoyable, because it drawls so much in its sarcasm, which makes it morbidly funny.

Our two people really do get to the conclusion early on that they should just hang them selves and get it over with, but they just never do it. And they are left to wait, for someone to offer them a better form of existence, but of cause he never comes.

Often one of them suggest that they should just leave, he is so tired of sitting here doing absolutely nothing, he wants to go places, but the response is that they can’t because they are waiting for Goddot.
At one points he tries to leave, but hurries back.. because these two tramps, all they got is each other, and he doesn’t want to be alone.

It’s an abstract play that plays on contradictions and things left to the audience to question, and there is honestly a thousand different ways to interpret everything, much is left to the audience, you are allowed to think the time in the play is merely two days, but there is also a lot of room to wonder if the time that have passed between act one and two is a lot more than that, yet as they start. It doesn’t really matter, cause what is really the difference between yesterday and tomorrow? Do you even remember what you got for lunch yesterday? And I can assure you don’t remember what you have tomorrow. So what is the difference really between yesterday and tomorrow?

It’s fascinating how the play is still very much relevant to our modern society, I am even going to say a lot more so as people today have it easier than ever and have more spare time than ever, we have time to go on the internet, write on forums read blogs, look at silly videos, but why do we do it? To learn? To get a laugh? .. though, if you go all the way down to the basics, we are actually just trying to make then time pass quicker in a enjoyable way while we wait.

But waiting for what?