Tuesday, 28 December 2010

tries to upload my... erhm voice.. yeah.

I am still trying to get that video response out.

I am just having trouble with finale cut pro!

For those who don't know, advanced cutting programmes are stupid!
but I also figured that if I figure the programme now it will ease video making a hell of a lot in the future.

Well, I uploaded two singing videos on youtube, and I just thought what the hell. why not just also get them up on the blog, it's all me.
There's the one I like and the one I like less but is fun.

The first one is me singing. "Maybe this time." out of Cabaret, which showcases what my voices basically works best with. Which is Cabaret Jazzy songs, my voice is Corny!
There are good and bad things about that, though quite frankly I do think the good out weights the bad by far, it means my voice is difficult to control and make sound any kind of good, but when it works you can tell it's me cause my voice is unique, as my teach loved to remind me off, it just took me around five years to get that.

And here I added my voice as the third part (second lady to enter a minute into the video) as Percy is "The Riddle" from the scarlet Pimpernerl. My voice is simply horrendous for this kind of thing!
but it didn't stop me from trying X)

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