Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscar's sum up.

Oh boy.

Oscars are over ladies and gentleman, and this year have marked a very special year for me, it’s the first year where I discovered that I am enough of a movie nerd to actually taking qualified guess and pretty much knew how everything was going to turn out. Even so much that I played tips about it! (yeah, you can do that) and now it’s time to me to see how much I can cash in, first, which once I had right.

That is not mean to say that I give a crap, I did when I was like thirteen and fourteen, but don’t anymore. Which is ironic as I genuinely would have no idea who won back then and now I had a fairly good idea, though I was only mostly right.

I had gathered that King Speech would win for best picture and Colin Firth in it for best leading male, that was of no surprise to me.

I was even betting with my mom that Natalie Portman would win for best actress, so my mom now owns me a dinner.

Christian Bale winning for best supporting male, was also one I was extremely sure of.

I honestly don’t know who else than the wolfman had even made any cool make-up, and come on, that was a cool wolf rubber mask and cool wolfy fur, in any case it was nice that they went for make-up rather than special effects, though it also made this category sadly predictable as no other movie did anything this cool.

As for costume and art direction, this year also we also seemed to have one single movie going out of its way to be artsy, and that was Alice in Wonderland, so really no surprises there.

Best special effect, if anyone was in any doubt that “Inception” would win, they are hereby stripped of the right to call themselves a movie geek.

Best Animation film, duh! I don’t think any other studio than “Pixar” have even been allowed to as much as touch one since the award was made up back in 2004, and for good reasons, Pixar just makes the better movies, toy story, end of story.

Only one left I got right which I could be in doubt about was best foreign languet movie where it was an extremely close call between the Mexican movie “Buitiful,” or the Danish movie “In a better world.” I however choose to be faithful to my country, which means I tipped on “In a better world.” Which actually paid off, we won. How nice.

But then there is the ones I had wrong.

I had tipped on “Hailee Steinfield.” In “true grit”
I though it was her as her part was very dominant in the movie, had weigh and was not a love interest, which is actually pretty different for a lead, actually I think her character is the main character not just a supporting role, so she should totally have been nominated for best leading female, and I though the reason to move her down in the category of supporting actress was so she could have the statue, but that should teach me to vote for the western, it was Melissa Leo that won for her part in the fighter, which I found to be okay, but not a female character I hadn’t seen before.

For best original score I honestly thought it was “Tron” which should have won, but that movie wasn’t even nominated, instead I settled for “How to train your dragon.” As I though that had quite a fantastic score, a score of adventure and flight which give the audience a sense of flight and actually rings in your inner ear afterwards.
Instead it was “The social network.” That won, which is okay, because the sound track were indeed memorable and not to bland, which I think is the problem with many recent Hollywood movies, I guess that modern techno sort of thing is just not my thing.
In any case, I just a sound track like the doctor who sound track where each song have a personality and a story to tell, and you can actually listen to without any visual medium and your know it’s telling a story, many people thinks it’s to dominant, but that’s how I personally like it.

Best original song however, that’s probably the only one that left me with a long face. I was so sure that. “I see the light.” From tangled would win, as it’s well known, I don’t like the movie, but I actually like that song, and for me that’s the breath moment where Alan Menken is back, all ready now I am taking myself in humming the tone, despite only having heard it once or twice, it’s just very memorable and very pretty, instead it was Randy newmans “We belong together” from Toy story 3, and I am so sure it only won because toy story is the better movie.
I mean honestly, most literately, I have seen Toy story 3, five times at least.. and I don’t remember the song.
It’s nagging me very much, and I sit and wrack my brain as I try and remember, but nothing is coming to me at all, and when I can enjoy a movie that much, and forget a song that throughout, it must just have been extremely forgettable.
I know that is Newmans music, there is literately never any chance of pace in his music, it’s that sort of music that fits well to a dance floor or running, because it’s extremely consistent and never changes pace at all. Which also means it would make for a horrible forgettable musical, and not a very good story telling tool.

Again, I would like to lead your attention to the doctor who soundtrack, which have so much personality exactly because it chances pace and thus tells our story, my favorite example is probably the track which is called. “The master tape.” Which starts on a slow rhythm and a bass string, and then as the track evolves that bas string just goes quicker and quicker, telling the story of the situation tightened and the urgency becoming greater and greater, whilst everything around that bass which is always dominant raises. You can look it up on youtube or something, I know I am side-tracking again.

And that was my Oscar experience for this year, nothing special, no gasps or anything, I don’t really care who have an Oscar or no, I couldn’t care less for “King Speech.” And I still wouldn’t if it had swept all of the Oscars, this year I just really liked “Kick ass” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.” Neither of these movies were nominated for anything, and I don’t care because I liked the movies.

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