Tuesday, 1 November 2011

List of net published fictional work.

I just kind of thought... why the hell not? why not try and get some system into all of this mess.

So I am trying to list the fiction here and link to it.. and sort of.. systematise it. some-what..
And then I will be updating this specific page runningly as my stories grow.

Harry Potter stories;

none of these are in a continuity with each other, all separate stories which has nothing to do with each other.

Snape centret;

Second chance a new choice

About second chance a new choice; This is my baby! my novel! proving that I am indeed capable of writing an entire book should I want to! the longest thing I ever wrote and the best thing!
starting out as guilty pleasure but grew into so much more as Severus Snape goes on a time travelling journey to completely change his past, but it isn't that simple.. things quickly starts going wrong.

Missing moments;

About Missing moments;
an additional story tied in with Second chance a new choice, showing scenes that we didn't actually see in "Second Chance." or sometimes we did but now we see it from another characters perspective. It was just written for my own scene, it's almost like a collection of cut scenes out of Second chance.

My future destiny

About my future destiny;
A surprisingly dark story about time travel, where it's not the adult Severus going back in time, but the young boy Severus going ford in time, only to be frightened to death about what he is supposed to become.

We meet again, and yet nothing is the same

About We meet again;
I don't believe Severus ever got to even as much as see Lily ever again after their graduation, even when he fought for her life doing the last year of the war. And here's what I think would maybe happen did they meet.. but it's not romantic pink or anything, it's pretty gloomy and sad. I am not so sure I like the twist ending myself, but something had to be done to end it :/

Other Potter Stories.

The Hogwarts Staff room

About the Hogwarts Staff room; probably my second favourite out of all of my potter stories (next after second chance.) scenes taking place exclusively inside of the Hogwarts staff room, showing conversation taking place among that colourful group which is the Hogwarts teachers, and reached the entire time span as the books, though in only short chapters, some amusing and some a little dark. Every day is a new day at the hogwarst staff room.

They are both in you

About they are both in you; yeah I know Remus Lupin were best buddie with Harry's dad and not Neville, doesn't chance that he must have known Neville dad though.. and well, it's just a great excuse for having the two kindest characters in the potter books get a conversation going.

Oh so it's you I am named after!

About, so it's you I am named after; It's just a little fun story of Albus Potter being cute as he finally meet the portraits of the his two name brothers which he was named after.

Doctor Who stories

Again, none of these stories are connected, other than may being referring to the show itself, but within my stories, there is no plan to be found, they are all one shots.

Time and time, again and again;

About Time and Time; Well.. we all secretly wish for a big Doctor clusterfuck where they all can meet each other.. and here it is.. every single eleven doctors stuck on each other for a few minutes because one of them had to go and fuck up the universe. each chapter taking place from a new doctor point of view, meant for fun.

The poor boy and the princess

About the poor boy and the pricness; set directly after cold blood.. the first time around Rory died.. shezz boy, stop dying all ready. Well, it's Amy mourning him without even knowing it, and how does she do that? by making up a tale.

To live

About to live; Don't know about you.. but I find the thought of meeting your future self.. knowing you will one day, no matter what you do, turn into that.. kind of scary yet fascinating.. and here's the second doctor.. shortly glancing and the ninth.. and not liking it.

One day

About One day; well.. I find the thought of the Doctor never checking up on Susan.. kind of odd.. I mean, yeas he is afraid of looking back but she is his legit grand daughter, so this is my take on what may have happened.

My imaginary friend by Amelia Pond

About My imaginary friend; I'll like to say.. I was the first one to write one of these! there's kind of a lot of them now, but it really was my own idea and mine was the first! What it basically is is Amelia writing an essay about her imaginary friend, and we then read what she wrote.. my idea dammit.

All those faces again and again;

About all those faces; this was a tribute written for the brigadier, made before Courtney died.. making such a tribute all the more worthwhile and just... sad..
It's about the very old retired and ill brigadier thinking back on all the times he met the doctor and all the different incarnations he have seen the doctor as.

Once I had blue eyes.

About Once I had blue eyes; My take on the difference between the classic doctor who and the new doctor who from an inside perspective.. from the doctors perspective.. as he ones again looses to the Daleks in the beginning of season five of the new series.

Darkwing Duck Stories!
All right now are we talking. this is the reason I really wanted to make a page.
To get some sense into the Darkwing stories.
Darkwing Stories are probably what I enjoy the most to write, it's just a great way for me to let loose, and all though you can read every single one of my stories as one shots.. I'd like to make a time line right here.. and the time line will include episodes from the show which matters.. such as the pilot and so one.. so lets get going!

These are the days of our lives; My Story
a kind of prologue feel of a story taking place way back long before Drake Mallard became Darkwing Duck, while he was still Drakey and only nine years old.
Exploring what it was in him that would ensure to make him a super-hero, also contains the first meeting between him and a certain witch, contains lots of cameos of mini versions of known characters.

Darkly Dawns; the television show.
The pilot to the Darkwing Duck television show where Darkwing for the first time meets Gosalyn and decides to adopt her.

The story of the unremarkable kid, called Honker; my story
takes place straight after Darkly Dawns as the Mallards moves into a new normal home, with new normal labours. takes place in the point of view of Honker, the kid next door who can't help but notice how very strange the Mallards behave.

Out of time; my story
Oh, typically Megavolt and Darkwing! now the two eternal nemesis's are stuck on each other as they hop scotch through different dimensions, never knowing where they are going to land next! It's a weird and strange nightmare.

Fongus Homungus; The television show.
Episode so central and important to the show for introducing the enchantress Morgana, Darkwings biggest love.. and luckely for him the feeling is mutual.. a shame she's a criminal huh..

Tonight the moon shines bright; my story
ahh, to be so madly in love! it just sucks when you can't trust your love interest though you want to! And now you probably should work together but it's so distracting! this story ties into "These are the days with of our lives." with certain plot points, and is kind of a part of a trilogy.

Tiff of the Titans; television show.
Introducing Gizmoduck, a rivalling superhero into Darkwings life.. and Darkwing hate the guy! they pretty much hate each other and they are to titan rivals to the last!

Ghoul of my dreams; The television show.
Morgana the beautiful enchanter is back... to commit a crime.. damn it! you naughty girl Morgana! stop it! fortunately it's heavily implied in the end that she has pretty much decided to turn good..

Love Alakazam; my story.
Oh you lucky devil Darkwing, Morgana did indeed turn good! and here is how she did it! all for you, you sir, are one lucky duck! to bad she doesn't get on to well with your alter ego Drake Mallard :/

I stole you with me home; my story

but lets not forget the other lady in Darkwings life, his most treasured little darling.. Gosalyn.. who suddenly a day.. realise she actually have kind of a question to ask her adopted father.

Just us Justice ducks; television episode.
Yayness, the biggest duck team-up you ever saw! It's just a fun two parter team up episode!

Time and Punishment; Television episode.
Gosalyn by mistake gets trapped in a time top with Megavolt and Quackerjack, and arrives at the future that would happen without her presence.. where Darkwing Duck.. had become Darkwarrior Duck.. a man without mercy always out for ultimate justice, turning him into an even bigger menace than any villain.

Pulp Heroes; My story
man.. having to deal with other heroes all is sure annoying! yet another rivaling superhero intrudes on Darkwings tuff, and guess what? He doesn't like this new-comer either! man it's to bad they are stuck inside of the city!

The Steerminator; Television episode.
Oh oh... the return of Darkwings greatest enemy.. Taurus Bulba.. just go check the episode out, it's ridicoulesly cool!

My daughter, her life; my story
A miracle have happened, a true blessing.. though.. it fells like a curse.. They found Gosalyns real parents which she can go home with now..
Or are they her parents....? plotting, team-up, meeting of new family members. lots of small details :)

I am Dark who..? ; my story

Return of Darkwarrior duck.. the dude is freaking bad-ass.. he ripped apart time and space to fight himself back, to set things as he deems right.. and well, terrorise the city a bit while he is at it.. Darkwing never having faced any-thing quite like this before grows nervouse.. and he figures, the menace needs to be fought in a completely different way.

The terror of Mr. Sandman; To be written.
every-body starts getting waking nightmares.. first small and not worth taking notice off.. but then they start growing.. and suddenly starts becoming a real problem as they enters the real world.. christ.. and Darkwing? will he be able to face his own greatest nightmare? even if he doesn't exactly know what that entails?

Night of the Godzilla Monsters; To be written.
Will tie in with "My Daughter, her life." where Chameleon and Tuskernini first meet and decided to strike up partnership by making a movie together, they make the movie.. but unfortunately everyone hated it and got major bad reviews, at ones the two plots revenge and Chamille uses her shapeshifting abilities to become the big movie monsters, crushing the city while Tuskernini sets the stage.. It's time for Darkwing to tell who's boss!

Visit to Duckburg; to be written.

The beginning of the Boom comics! the overtaking of Sain Canard by Quackerwers, Darkwing hanging up his cape.. and all going shit..

When we are not allowed to life;

a sort of prolouge to the BOOM comics, showing a little more what happened in the three years Drake Mallard wasn't Darkwing and the days that lead up to it all breaking loose ones again.

The Duck knight returns; Boom comics.

The first.. and kind of only Annual Boom comic.

This is the best I can be.
ties directly into the Annual Boom comic! exploring Clara and Quackerjacks relationship a bit further.

The rest of the Boom comics, and the ending of the Boom Comics!

My midnight Rose; To be written.
... Will be the last in my trilogy and tie into "These are the days of our lives." and "Tonight the moon shines bright."
In the Boom comics Morgana was lost as she chose to sacrifice herself to safe Darkwing, now Darkwing realise he had a way to get her back all along, using the items they got on their first adventures together, though it may become extremely risky, but.. it's worth it. And Darkwing Embarks on a journey to get her back no matter the cost.


  1. Hej Sofie.

    Jeg støtte på dig på MovieBobs blog og lagde mærke til at du var dansker pga. dit navn og tænkte at jeg ville hilse på:)
    Hans blog er en af de sider jeg har det med at besøge næsten dagligt. Han er interessant at lytte til og han kommer tit med enten detaljer eller perspektiver som jeg ikke kendte til på forhånd.

    Jeg læser eller skriver normalt ikke fanfiction, men jeg har faktisk gået og overvejet det på det seneste. Er det stadig noget du gør i?

  2. @Hasse He-he. HEJ!
    Undskyld jeg først svare nu!

    Skriver jeg stadig fanfiction? sort of.. ja og nej.
    Jeg skriver slet ikke så meget som jeg har gjordt, ikke fordi at jeg ikke har lyst, men fordi at min popularitet som enternet video producer er stigende, og jeg vil virkelig gerne se det gå steder! som der er en god chance for at det gør, der er sket som pænt utrolige ting på det sidste med mine videoer! jeg er samlet op af et pænt populært site og alt muligt!

    Glad for at hilse på dig! bare skriv beskeder hvis der er spørgsmål eller noget some helst. ja, jeg er en pænt stor Movie bob fan også. Han er både sjov og smart :D

  3. @Sofie Liv Pedersen:
    Jeg undskylder også - jeg er ikke så vant til at kommunikere gennem blogs.

    Fedt med din videoproduktion. Du har helt sikkert fat i et eller andet. Det er ret fedt når du bliver lidt teatralsk og musikalsk engang i mellem i dine videoer synes jeg. Det har jeg ikke rigtig set før på den måde i den type videoer.
    Du må have held og lykke med det hele :)

    Movie Bob for president! Hehe.