Thursday, 26 April 2012

Short thoughts on the Avengers movie

This is just a quickie as I literately just stepped through the door after having seen the Avengers.
It's after midnight and I am supposed to go to school tomorrow.

The reason why I got to see it all ready now? European release bitches!

Let me just say... all the rumours are true, THIS IS AN AWESOME MOVIE! WOOO!

This movie, is the definition of a fun movie! It is an awesome fun experience to watch, and that's pretty much how to describe it.
I cannot recall ever having had this much fun at a movie.

Is it deep? no. Is it thought provoking? fuck no,  is it entertaining as shit? How about most entertaining damn thing ever!

In that regard, it really is the ultimate comic book movie, a must see for any action or comic book fan.

BAY! this is how you do it and make it truly funny, I laughed out loud over and over, I was awed by the epicness which kept on being even more epic when you thought the ceiling was reached.

I yelled out "WOOO!" more times than I can quite. THIS! is a real comic book movie, and fuck! Best fucking cinema trip ever!

It was like a roller-coaster, I feel like I was loosing my breath. Started a little slow as it needed to sample the team, but then it just build and build and build and build, as I said, you kept thought. "okay that was it, you can't make it more epic than that." only to ten minutes after being left with. "okay they could. But that was it, can't be more epic than that... yeas it could."  :O

Yeas I am hyped, and it feels good :D

So going to watch this again while it's cinema, and I have not said that about any movie since I was... around thirteen years old.. oh dear lord.

Yeah, that's a stamp of recommended from me to you.

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