Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tommy Wiseau takes on the Nostaliga critic... the fuck!?

You don't fuck with the Nostalgia critic bitches
Or he might review you!

For over two years now the Nostaliga critic, aka Doug Walker, have been an ever growing enternet celebraty, his site probably one of the most popular underground geek sites in existence, he takes on all kinds of old movies and makes fun of them for being bad. He have taken on all the major companies. Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Disney.. bla bla.

Big companies which really have better things to do then even taking notice of him.

Tommy Wiseau, independet film maker and maker of one fictionel movie "The Room" from 2003.
Based on book he wrote which nobody wanted to release and the play based on the same bookwhich no one wanted to put up, so he made it into a movie.
And the movie have a whole cult following, but only because it's so bad.

It is famouse for being bad, private cinema's is screening this thing for entertainment while selling rotten tomatoes and buckets of bad popcorn the audience can throw at the screen, apparently it's that bad, and the only reason why anyone watches the movie.

It's so bad that's it's ingeniousely entertaining.

So last week after several request Doug Walker made a review of it, it is the first review he had to take down because the movie maker himself demaneded it to be removed.. the fuck?

Holy shit, that is absolutly hillariouse! that's gotta be the funniest most entertaining thing to ever happen to the "Thatguywiththeglasses" site.

Today Doug Walker responded to that by parodying Tommy Wiseau himself in a sketch that trashes Wiseau badly, It was ingeniously awesome, but I god damn hope Doug Walker knows what he is doing.

For does of you who dosn't know "the Nostalgia critic" nor his site, go check it out right now, his site is awesome, and what is happening right now could evolve to anything. it could stop right now, but Wiseau could also pursue it, which would be strangely awesome.

the site is called. check it out.

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