Thursday, 5 August 2010

Entertainment vs Review style

For a long while, I thought I would spring my into the enternet by being another reviewer. really try and review movies.
I started doing so on one of my youtube channels, which was fairly succesfull, but I stopped now.

I started because I wanted to respond to people like Nostaliga Critic, and the AVGN as they are entertainers in their vidoes not reviewers.
But now I realised something, I much rather just do comedy focused vidoes. as I belived A; is a lot more rare on the net now, B; every film teen in the age of 10 - 32 is wasting their life discussing all these movies when it in the end does not matter. C; to do orignal stuff that fells deviate and where I wont have to bother about going all filosophical and all like. Uhhh, I have an opinion, matters a lot more to me.

Not to say that I don't have an opinion. I will always have an opinion, and I wont have a problem lashing out on people if it brings attention to me, but it kind of seems pointless to me.
Because the matter of the fact is that what we are watching, or reading or what ever are fictions and movies. one more opinion in the bunch does not matter, one more opinion which trashes bad movies even less so. The only way to trash bad movies is to be entertaining, and yet that is an act repeated over and over by.. well.. everyone.
And dude, you can make anything sound stupid if you really want to. I can do it, looki here.

Citizien Kane is a bland boring movie about one old really not nice man, who treats women badly and is rude to everyone. It's bland and boring with a story that is in times difficult to follow as we keep skipping over the years and land "KAPAM" in something new.

see, that was not hard.. do I really hate Citizien Kane, the greatest movie of all time???
To be perfectly honest, I do think it's a bit overated at it's praised of being ahead of it's time in visuals and themes of life and death as I fell I can mention older movies with superior visuals and similar themes. ofcause does movies are in the horror genre, not the dramatic. and god forbid fantasy and horror should ever been taken seriously.
No, I don't hate Citisien Kane, and I do rather like it as it has it merits and the ability to get me emotionally involded, often even upset or disturbed.

So many people is chattering away, putting their time and even close to life into the argument of why a movie sucks.. people tend to be more compasionate when hating movies than liking them. and the truth is. it dosn't matter bull shit.

Well, not to say that having people lashing out after each other isn't entertaining, in fact it's some of the most entertaining things to happen on the enternet. to have two individual reviewers starting biggering is just really entertaining. the critic and the Nerd obviously did it in good spirits for comedy. but their are people out there really in each others throats, sending responses back and ford via Youtube. what is the freaking point?

A good movie in my mind is not about narrative, nor if it follows a scheme correctly. It's basically about exsperince. If you had an exsperience with a movie that says you laughed your pants off, then it's a good movie. if you had the exsperince that you could disolve into tears, then it's also a good movie. even if the movie is so bad that you find yourself gawking and dripping drowl on your carpet.. well then it succeed in being an exsperince (cough, "the room")

I could not care less if a movie follow the norms or not. in either direction, and I find that is often the centre in a argument around a decent not all that good not all that bad movie.

That one side complains it's unsurprising and following a known pattern all to well. and one other can complain about movies not making any sense as the pattern is totally unrecognisable.

I don't care either way, it's only the exsperience that counts the first time watching. Then afterwards you can go back and figure why you like it or not.

Hell, there are even norms at forums now. I am not allowed to say "This movie was so cute, and it made me laugh."
nope, I need to go into details explaining what in the setup gave pay offs, what comments the movie had to my real life exsperince (which isn't much as I have spend my time analzing damn movies for no reason) and how the narrative carries itself.

Today, no movie will ever be released that everybody likes, it is simply not going to happen. so O wont bother... unless something spakred my interest, which can happen rather quickly.

however, using pop culture as a ground base and exsterior reference is an easy and cheap way for comedians to gain attention rather quickly.
Audiences are not very open minded as they just love something referenced that they allready know, makes them fell smart or something.. I dunno.. hey, I am the same way, I am not being a saint here.

All that I am saying is, create something. to make video a ground base is fine. then it's like having a dancing partner. but by now it's far overused and people needs to do something. Enternet vidoe reviews for entertainment is the equillant of Junkfood comedy. it seems deliciouse, you eat some and little time passes by and you forget you ever ate it and need more.

support original comedians, and try and do something original when going out there on the net. please.

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