Friday, 6 August 2010

Harry Potter sixh, the half blood prince, movie thoughts.

oh my god.

Well, as people might have guessed now, I have been in a bit of a Harry Potter mood lately, what sparkled this was I discovered the wonderfull legally youtube upload "A very Potter musical." which any potter fan should watch, I personally saw it over and over. That is not however what I was saying oh my god to.

Long story short, I have been a deep fan since before the first movie, and I saw all the movies quite loyalie in cinema, that is except the most resent sixht movie.
I honestly don't know what codex or agenda that made me swear not to watch it, something about honouring the books or whats not. point just is, I did not see it... untill now when I had my big Potter going into childhood throw back... My specific reaction.. I don't wanna grow up :,(

No seriously, as I saw the imaginary of this movie, Harry potter sixth, the half blood prince. I was stunned, I kept remembering dose warm brilliant welcoming magical sets of the first couple of movies, which were really childish but also magical and bright... and then.. in this movie.. All of does sets, despite being preciesly the same as previously.. are dark, cold, devoid of happiness and magic.. And it's so depressing to compare this.. Good job movie! And I don't wanna grow up, it's like mind of the eleventh year old vs mind of the adult. it's sad! god why am I so old all of a sudden.
And no location in this movie is safe, Diagon Alley is dark and grey, Hogwarts is suddenly giving a big empty ringing sound and their big hall is not a fun place no more, the weasley home is burned to the grown.. and dude.. Bellatrix burned down Hagrid's hut!? that did not happen in the book!
Of cause I read the book, several times even. but the imagery of all the places did not accour to me, sure. The characters and the univers had grown up by the sixht book was depressing as hell, but the picture of an empty gray Diagon Alley with scared desperate people tugging away in the corners did elude me. I am shocked.

Also in the sixht book was it peoples motivation and colours started to blend, in the beginning it was all very childish and black and white. either your evil or good, if your in Slytherin your evil by default, if your not your good by default. so not true by the sixht books standards where all the characters are three dimensiononal, all have reasons for what they do and what house there were in could not matter less. Sure, it is mentioned now and then that Slytherins are well looked upon by Voldemort, but in the end. Really does not matter.

She burned down Hagrid's hut!? i'm sorry... but really? I am so glad that I sucked my pride up, because this is the best Potter film so far. depressing yep, but good anyways.

Anyone than me that find it ironic how Harry actually had each of all of the three of the deathly hollows in his possesion at some point of another in this movie? you know, they are first going to be mentioned in the seventh movie, but that does not alter the fact that he did have possion of them all, and have at least touched all three of them.
Dude.. screw all does people who claims that the Deathly Hollows was a concept appearing out of no where, the objects are right there! he had them! he touched them! before they were even mentioned!


  1. Sounds like it scarred you for life! I saw Toy Story 3 in cinemas and had a similar reaction. I like kids movies which deal in mature themes and don't treat children like idiots, but you have to wonder if they're somewhat influenced by the growing dark and edgy cinema trend.

  2. Njaah.

    The books them selves grew a lot as well.
    It's kind of started from the ending of book four and moved forwards with really exstremely heavy and disturbing themes. the fifth book does not only put "Evil" wizards in a bad light, but the whole system in the fictional world is really disatourus bad and it's greatest flaw is ignorance towards those who are either different or says things the rest of the wizarding world don't want to hear. its a very adult book.... you know what.. read the book.