Friday, 10 September 2010

Bruce Campell makes. "Bruce Campell vs. Frankenstein"


And he stated this is going to be his version of "the Exspendables." where he is gonna gather all the classic B-movie horror actors of the 70's and 80's, including Robert Englund, and Kane Hooder.

I am so gonna watch this, I am already more hyped by this prospect than I ever was for a moment hearing about the Expendables movie.

For does air heads out there who doesn't know who Bruce Campell is (seriously, go watch evil dead or something)
He is the uncrowned king of 80's B horror and slasher movies. a really camped, yet really funny actor who made his mark as the sadistic, yet stupid git "Ash" in Sam Raimis delightfully horror filled, spoke house feeling Evil Dead trilogy.

He is know a B-movie star. starring in all the grimmy really camp horror gore feast B-movies. (A B-movie being a film that that is kind of low budget and cheap, but tries to give the feel of a A hollywood movie anyhow, often ending up in a amusing camped cheap look, which when done well, I freaking love)

This spells B-movie of the decade all over. It spells this generations "Jessey James Daughter vs. Frankenstein" which is an awesome funny move by the way.. but christ is it B, Silly and camped.. love it!


  1. Groovy. I am so watching this.

    Sofie! Where you been? Pfft.

  2. Drake@ Well, I have been busy.
    It's called school, and everyday life. I actually for ones did the sensible thing and tried to educate myself a bit X)
    And, I got myself involved in some theatre, which is pure awesome. I am a theatre person.