Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Harry Potter, "Socrates" titles for all future reviews.

As people should be able to see, I am gleefully tucking into Harry Potter.
Unfortunately.. I just today I got a cold and a bug in my voice, which means I can't film or record in one or two days, but that gives me chance to write on the reviews instead. It should also be noted that I am differently not planning to only do Harry Potter, my plan is that only every second review is going to be Harry Potter, and then every second something completely unrelated, if people are curious, after done with. "The philosophers stone." I am intending to do a "top 10 scariest clowns" and after "Chamber of Secrets." it's going to be "Twilight." because every body loves picking on Twilight.

Anyhow, Harry Potter is a book series that have a lot going on for it, with consistent themes and so on. in the end of each movie review of the harry potter, I will add a discussion feature called. "Socrates of the week." which should give people something to tug into on boards and think about, that is however if anyone is ever going to be interested in what I have to say, I highly doubt that somehow, but anyhow. If it should happen, for strange reasons, I thought it would be funny to post the title for the. "Socrates" in advance, so people can start scratching their heads in advance of what I could possible mean by does titles.

The philosophers stone: a child's view of the world.

The camber of secrets: choice.

The Prisoner of Azkaban: beneath the surface.

The Goblet of Fire: standing together.

The order of the Phoenix: ignorance.

The Half blood prince: Love vs. Hate, Forgiveness vs. Blame and Mercy vs. vengeance.

The deathly hollows: Sacrifice and redemption.


on a side note, wow this is really incredible. I really had forgotten how much I love these books and exactly how good they are. These books are simply incredible.
People, do yourself a favor and just go read them please.

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