Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Red Suitcase episode one; Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone part 1

okay wauw. it's there.
Well, it's not exactly my first attempt at trying to make a video review, but it's the first time I tried to do it for this blog particularly, be nice. hopefully part 2 will be out in a week or so, I seriously can't tell as the process of making this was very long.

ofcause constructive critisme is even more than welcome.
oh and ofcause I fully admit that this is blatantly ripping off the nostalgia critic, though I do try to make this my own. just so no one would start acusing me of saying this is anything else than it is.
It's just yet another attempt of the many to try and be like the critic.


  1. The Potter franchise is that old?! Well cheer up, I hear America is interested in making Potter shows. Maybe JK Rowling will sell the rights to them and... wait, no, god no. That never turns out well.

    The review could have been cut down a bit considering it was 6 minutes in before you got to the actual review. :P Those transitions to movies with a similar introduction for magical words was clever. You're right, it's a formula which a movie-going audience needs.

  2. @Drake.

    Okay, so I was over indulgent, but look at it this way. it was not only an introduction to the Harry Potter reviews, but to me as well as a reviewer all in all.
    Also.. original I had intended for that suitcase thing to go one with more non verbal jokes, but I decided against it as I was aware it really shouldn't over stay it's welcome. and it is cut from my youtube upload all together.

    It is getting old, the first book is from 93, of cause I checked while making the video.. I was four oO;
    Dude, it have been a long journey.

    hehe, for the introduction of the magical world I was also considering using the bit where Amy Pond steps inside of the Tardis in the eleventh hour, cause it's the same thing basically again. but again, decided against it and went with the classics, I knew I had to use "wizard of Oz"

  3. I love the suitcase, not to mention that sexy accent!

    Yeah, adding some Doc Who might have been a little indulging just a little. O.o