Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sacha Bohen Corner is casted as Freddie Mercury... interesting.

First of all, a movie about "Queens" about freaking time if you ask me.
I do genuinely want to see it.
But Sacha Bohen known from "Borat" and "Bruno" playing the infamouse singer... that is interesting.

Well, I just don't know what I fell about that casting choice.

let me put it straight, I freaking hate "Borat" and "Bruno" I personally find them to be stupid, disgusting not at all funny movies.

But the few other places I have seen him in other movies, directed by somebody else like in "Sweeney Todd" I like him.
He is capable of acting and being both funny, over the top and go back to a more serious situation, on a huge plus side he is differently not afraid of being camp which is very important when being cast as the dear Freddie. And he can sing to.
All though, I would prefer it if they kept with the original Queen soundtrack and recordings instead of having Bohen Corner doing covers.

And if the casting was up to me, I know exactly who I would want as Mercury.
Freaking Prince Poppycock! no question about it!

Poppycock is fun, young, good looking, artistic, camp, have attitude, talented, clearly gay.
I mean, he would be to perfect.

note, I have no idea wehter poppycock is gay or not, and frankly I don't care, but Mercury was gay, so it was meant as a reason why he should totally be Mercury.


  1. Indeed, Sacha Bohen Corner doesn’t exactly spring to mind when thinking of Freddie, but his performance in Sweeny Todd was great so we know he’s at least capable.

    Ugh, Borat/Bruno. Almost everyone I know liked those. :/

  2. Well.
    It is all a matter of opinion, so I am cool.

    I freaking love fawlty towers and my little sister hate it.
    When it comes to humour more than anything else, in the end it is down to personal preferences.
    I can't count how many time I have been bashed on the head for saying that I actually like. "Dracula dead and Loving it."
    most people find it dump, I think it's funny.

  3. Pfft, anything with Leslie Nielsen is a comedy classic! It is pretty tough to judge these things entirely on humour, but I think there’s one thing everyone can agree on – only a stoned giraffe would enjoy Epic Movie.

  4. .... I hate it so much.

    But my little sister genuinely like it, and yeas, she was in cinema and saw "Vampire Suck."
    I know, I am ashamed off her... And she was all like. "It's gonna be vampire sucks or Last Airbender"

    And had to be like. "What? no! I disown you!"

    And that's when I figured why it exactly sucks that I am poor as a rat.