Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Death of the doctor... yeah sure it is -_-;

Yeah I have a question.

We all know that television studios only have the lowest regards for children's intelligent but come on.

Merlin is a show suffering a lot from this as the writers and producers seemingly think that they can make suspension by making the same bloody episode over and over again with slight alterations which basically means changing the outside characters names but otherwise use the exact same story as last week without moving the plot.

I am a continuity freak, I like expanding universes and therefore I do sort of like Sarah Jane adventures. Honestly I haven’t seen all of it, just some few episodes I found interesting. But I like it for what it is, a children’s show using the universe of doctor who and occasionally spread out treats for hardcore fans. Like when Nicholas Courtney made a re-appearance as the brigadier or when Tennant choose to pop up for a finale performance as the doctor. I mean stuff like that is enough to send me down fan girl madness lane.

And so one episode in the next season have caught a lot of peoples interest including me, not only does it have Katy Manning reprising her roles as Jo Grant, a third doctor companion, but freaking Matt Smith will be there to!

Fans needs stuff like this to keep us over to next season, especially now when the last season is the best overall doctor who season that have ever been. (In my humble opinion)

But seriously. ”Death of the doctor” ?

That’s the episode title?

I mean it’s a cool sounding title and a doctor who fan only have to shortly glance at it before the TV-producer have ensured that person will be glued to the screen along the five year old kids Saturday morning.. I suppose that was the intent.

But.. come one!? How stupid are you to not figure that he isn’t going to die!? It’s not even the real doctor who series!

What!? Did Russel T Davies write the title, I mean this have ”The next doctor” spelled all over it in the title.. that Christmas special was just cruelly titled! Of cause we didn’t see the next doctor already then when Tennant had a whole other year to go… stupid.

”The wedding of Sarah Jane’s” was a better title, I could imagine her getting married, that would have been cute if it had actually happened. I mean you can both be an independent woman and married, it happens.

Anyhow… yeah. Of cause it’s not as good as a new Doctor who episode, but sometimes a fan need to take what a fan can get. So I am bloody hyped.

Come on! It got Matt Smith action where he get to crawl around the ventilating system real doctor style… why haven’t the doctor done that yet in the new series? I mean he did it all the time back in the old days.. every time he was on a hostile space ship, he at some point crawled through the ventilation shafts.. and I don’t care, that kind of action rocks.


Sorry, I am stupid and to think it first occurred to me now so I had to check it.

Russel T Davies did write the title, because he wrote the entire episode.... yeah I'm hyped.

... the man is never going to leave doctor who alone is he?


  1. I agree you statement that “fans [do] need stuff like this [continuity treats] to keep us over to next season. When the writers, of a show, like Doctor Who or its spin-off The Sarah Jane adventures, give fans continuity treats, over an episode, or season, it shows that they appreciate the fans, who pay attention, to the Expanded Universe, of Doctor Who.

  2. @MAHistorian

    Totally. I know lots of people hate stuff like that because they find it controversy and stuff. you know, it's only there to draw fans.. well duh of cause.
    I love it!

    And I love it two when old franchises get boot polished probably to!
    I also have the distinct feeling that the creators behind Doctor who are all such fan boys which kind of makes me happy.
    If Kenneth Brannagh were a genuine fan of Frankenstein that movie would have been so much more fun -_-;