Friday, 22 October 2010

I got an idea! give me your thoughts please.

I have been thinking, and the more I think about it the more I want to do it.

Well, as some might know.. yeas. I write fanfic once in a while, what the hell about it?
I posted my "Poor boy and the princess." here at the blog which is basically a doctor who fanfiction. But I sort of like it, and hey.. I don't write romance and especially not sex!
okay, some times romance, that is sort of difficult not to do when you write about characters who motivations are each other in the real thing.

Well, story short a while ago I started a bigger project. a Snape centret fic out of Harry Potter called. "Second chance a new choice."
To my utter amazement the fic have no gained a somewhat following.
No, I am serious, over a thousand people is following...
And yeah, that is pure "wtf" for sure. especially considering my first 14 chapters which have been without beta readers is a total fail in spelling and grammar. (On a side note, I search yet another Beta reader who can concentrate on that!)

Anyhow, yeah why wouldn't Harry Potter fans grave more stories? it's really really hard being fan of something and you see the end in the horizon, most literately.
I mean, this February we are done. finito, no more. auch... and I have been on this freaking boat since I was 9! that's 11 years ago, I am not about to give it up without a fight!

The only thing left to keep this franchise alive is the fans, the only people who are going to bring something new to it is as well, is the fans!

And that, is you and me buddy. you and me.

So, I was thinking.

I would like to start a website celebrating the fandomn around Harry Potter.

I know there's lots of great Harry Potter sites out there, the movies of cause have their official site. "Mugglenet" is a pretty darn cool site which looks upon the books as serious literature and treat them as well with awesome and clever in depth analyses of different aspects, discussion boards and so ford.
The "Potter Encyclopaedia" is there as well where you can look up every single fact you want.
But I don't think there is a fun growing site celebrating the fandomn, I mean collect things as "Potter Puppet pals." and "A very Potter musicals." plus especially picked fanfictions (And I mean very special, I would want to quality to be abnormally high on those.)

Plus giving the people the opportunity to write articles and so ford, hosting comics like "Dark tower" and "Snapes Worst Memory" encourage people to make fan videos. Why not? when both Star Trek, Star Wars and doctor who can do it, why can't Harry potter fans make fan videos? there's plenty of characters to pick from. and plenty of scenes from the books not depicted in a movie, one of the most graved actually is Snapes worst memory which no one was satisfied with in the fifth movie, so, lets encourage some fans to do it!

And it should be a place welcoming enthusiasts in the franchise.

I have one single problem however... I have no idea how to build a site.. so.. help? pleas...

Oh, and thoughts please.

And oh, I guess I might as well post a link to me apparently awesome fanfic oO;


  1. Over a thousand people?! I am so jealous.

  2. Honestly it's not that hard.
    Just write a Snape centrest fanfic, here I give you a link to mine just to demonstrate how little good it actually is.

    and it's nothing to be jealous about, everyone is entitled to five minutes of fame in our modern world remember.