Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Megamind Review

To watch this movie was pretty interesting for me.
Mostly because it's only a month ago or so that I was in cinema watching. "Despicable Me." which was not nearly a bad a film as I would have guessed.
And the reason why this is so interesting is because of how much these two movies reminds of each other.

They are both basically about each their super villain who are super geniuses, whit there own created minions and that lot, and throughout the movie they learn how to be better people through love, in "Despicable me." through the three children he adopts for his evil plan. and in "Mega mind." through the love interest "Roxanne" who is this movies version of Louise Lane.. only actually likeable.

That is basically summing up the entire movie, though fortunately outside that frame the movies does diverse. in Despicable me we are in a universe with loads of evil geniuses who sort of compete with each other, and Doctor Gru's goal is the be the best once again, that is a fun concept.. but dear god not nearly as fun as Megamind, the concept behind Megamind is that he is the great super villain, his only purpose is to be a super villain, so his life rhythm is this: Break out of jail, target and set a trap for the SuperHero most likely by kidnapping Roxanne, loose, go back to jail, to break out again and make another trap.
That is all he ever does! and enjoys it to, so good for him, it looks pretty fun in any case, so yeah I can understand him. and when you are blue have an abnormal big head, nobody ever liked you in school and are super intelligent, what are you going to do anyway? he is likeable and funny from the first moment.

However, troubles arrives as he by mistake actually kills the hero.. shit. well now what? what would Joker ever do if he actually killed Batman? go into a depression and get fat?
Megamind is seriously left in a state with zero things left to do, he owns the city, he can do pretty much whatever the hell he likes, and he does... but life is meaningless D:

You may think it's now that he goes out with Roxanne. no, that love story is actually build up in a way I can deal with, and their first encounter after the heroes death happens a lot more by pure accident than them seeking out each other. It actually happens in this way, they are both wandering around in the "Hero" museum and is a bit sad, Megamind is walking around in his pyjamas (what so super villains can't have a relaxation outfit?) and as he discovers he is not alone in the museum he of cause doesn't want to be seen, so he throws up a last minute holographic disguise and they get to cry over the hero together, later she snobs into his secret hideout (well she is the equilliant of Louise Lane, so of cause she walks into the monsters dent) where he throws up the disguise again to try and get her out, and it all ends up in her being so gratefully to him and him being a little in love.. awww..

Anyway, sideways with this development Megamind have gotten a plan! he is going to create his own hero so he can be a supervillain again! so he sets out to find someone to simply give the super mega awesome powers of the hero, including super strength, super speed, flying.. you know, the Superman Package. needless to say that things gets complicated and doesn't really turns out as Megamind had planned.

I am not the biggest Dreamworks fan, but I have to admit that when I go and see an original movie (not a sequel) they will most certainly be funny. Monsters and Alien were really lacking depth and a coherent story, but my god was it funny! the same can pretty much be said about Madagascar and Shrek.
The good thing about this movie is that both Megamind himself and Roxanne is so damn likeable, especially Megamind, it doesn't matter that he is introduced as a super villain, he have a sappy funny personality and a face you can't say not to (no seriously, they did design his eyes to be just a little big bigger than normally, which just makes the character design look so damn sincere) Will Ferrel who made the voice probably have one of the most likeable sincere presences in Hollywood, you can say what you like about him, but he always appear so damn likeable, I had not forseen it went all the way into his voice, even with a weird undefinable accent (he is an evil super villain, evil super villains have accents.. and he is from another planet so that goes to explain why the accent can't be defined in this movie.. doctor Gru was from Rumanina...)

This movie is indeed funny, the elaborate villain hero fans are awesome and imaginative on the same time as it fells like a big homage to the old James Bond classics. Of cause this is not a Pixar movie, but Dreamworks are differently improving themselves, and it is a very enjoyable ride, though it can fell a little slow in the middle. However, that is fully made up for in the last act which is a full blown hardcore super vs super fight using all sorts of imaginative and elaborate powers and gadgets, and it looks just gorgeous.
I will have to say, picking from "Megamind" and "Despicable me." Megamind is the better movie, it's dreamworks so it should be. as Despicable me tends to linger a bit to much on the heart, Megamind moves on quickly and swiftly to get to the good fun paced stuff. so if you in with you cousin, yeah I would say you should pick that one.

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