Thursday, 2 June 2011

X-men first class Review

And this is how you figure that you gained weight and your hair is stupid..
I have no idea whether to think it's sort of cool my hair is able to defy logic like this one a daily basis or if I should just go out and buy some styling products.. and I have most differently gained weight since my last video :/

If you got comment or a question, just ask I promise I'll answer., maybe I should turn that into my trademark that my hair will always be a wild mess.

So honest thoughts.. I know I didn't go into how wild this movie is, but... should I keep on recording reviews like this or just write them?


  1. I’m more focused on the colour of your facial skin and how it compares to your body. It’s kinda scary, like you’re wearing a mask. :P

  2. Because I'm so red in the head? or what.. explain yourself!

    That would be because it's so hot and I am generally so pale that I just blush extremely easily, and well, when it's hot I get to be red in the head.. and when it's not I am so pale that I reflect in the light...
    I don't know what you want me to do, I do wear both facial powder in attempt to tone it down and stop my face from reflecting the light so badly, but that's just how pale I am..