Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Basic acting advices 5; Break your boundaries

This article is less about “Acting advices.” Per say, and a little of a look about how I see the world, what you would need to do to get as much as possible out of doing performances.

We life in a world, where we are tied down very early in life and the boundaries are sat.

We are told how to think, we are told what is right and what is not right. “You don’t walk down the street dressed as a clown, that is indecent.”

This I find to be kind of sad. What is a creative mind? A truly creative person.

We tend to connect it with people whom makes small things, things you can see like small clay bowls, but knitting a scarf is not creative, at least not as long as you are merely following the recipe in front of you, then you follow a recipe you don’t think around the stuff, you are not thinking in new ways.

Some people may think they are creative, but in reality all they do is just copying.. damn huh?

A truly creative mind is the mind which comes up with new ideas, new ankles to all ready existing things, find solutions no one else would have come up with.

And these are the minds having the hardest time existing in our modern society.

I love people with such a mind, it’s the most brilliant people on earth, but unless it goes well for them they are bound and put down by society. The school needs us to give them the right answer not the creative new one, the universities which are the very places meant to create geniuses often either wont accept the creative thinkers because their new ways aren’t compatible with how the schools does it, for every-one or they can end up down-right strangle the gift.

You know what my theory is of why Einstein flunked math? Because he was one of the most brilliant creative minds that ever existed, it was not because he was dumb and suddenly became smarter, he was always smart, he just thought differently than any-one else, and first as he had a definite product you can take and feel on, people around was forced to acknowledge that he wasn’t an idiot.

Without minds like that, we would never have gotten any-where, it was a very creative mind inventing electricity, inventing television, computers. Just.. everything.

And when doing Drama, being so much bound down and tied to your upbringing, it hurts you, it hurts your performance.

That’s right, I am blaming society, it keeps you bound and thus sets you back.

Breaking your own boundaries is hard and it will take a hell of a lot of work, it’ll feel weird and wrong because you have been told it’s embarrassing. I still have that feeling now and then! I actually did feel embarrassed stretching out my arms and sing. “Just keep swimming.” In my top ten wackiest women video.

But I did it any-way, I did it to try and break my own boundary, I try as much as possible to break my boundaries, it’s the only way I can ever get out the performance I truly want.

Every-one, every-one in the entire world feel stage angst, and it take great determination and courage to over-come it, to even try. I have deep respect for any-one whom just goes for it.

When you stand on a stage, sit in front of a camera, what-ever, you expose yourself, you are at your most vulnerable, it feels weird, it feels uncomfortable, and that’s the emotions you would have to fight and ignore, you would have to break your boundaries.

Some people eases this natural un-ease by playing a character, by dressing up, it’s okay to walk around looking silly and talk silly at a big comic con. Why? Cause you are dressed up and every-body around you are dressed up to, that makes you much less vulnerable, that feels like stepping out of real society for a while and into another worlds where the usual rules doesn’t entirely apply.

Most people do kind of want to jump around and be silly while having fun, but only the fewest dare to.

And well… it’s all about taking a deep breath, acknowledge you feel this unease, and take the leap regardless.

My Drama lectures are actually not about making any-one better performance, that is not the goal at all.

The goal, with the drama games I put up, is to let people experience, to let them break boundaries, to let them explore reactions around them, to give them knowledge about how they feel inside and what you can do, for them to have fun and laugh in a different way. That is the true goal with what I do, and what I hopefully will work a lot more with in future now when I am also taking the education to be qualified drama social worker and all.

I love this web-internet video community, it allows people to be creative and develop their creative minds, it makes people break their boundaries, it brings people together, people whom without the internet, may would have been stuck in a small room and a dull every-day job.

Who the hell cares if you become famous or not!? Really!? You can be creative, you can do what-ever you want to do, you can explore yourself and your boundaries, hopefully break them gradually.

It’s tough, especially in the beginning, but in the end, I promise it will be worth it.

It gives you confidence, surplus, a better overview of the world around it, and most importantly, no one is happy when they are trapped, be free.

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