Saturday, 10 March 2012

Green Lantern review

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  1. Ah, this movie. I actually saw it again recently and while still really bad, it wasn't as awful as I remembered. Hector was explained (kinda) as being a "xenobiologist" and got the job because his dad was involved with this top secret organisation. I really had 2 big problems. The scene where he is late and reckless at the start fits with the comic character, but then they suddenly jerk into this other characterisation because of the courage message they were trying to get across. The result gives a rather confused and inconsistent character. The other was Sinestro's turn to evil at the end. Where the hell did that come from?! I know he's a villain in the comics but they don't give him the story arc that's shows HOW he came to wear the yellow ring and why he would turn on the Guardians and Hal Jordan. Everything was fine at the end, why did he even NEED to put on the damn thing?!