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Steven Moffat. Time travelings master.

you know the phrase somebody is born to the part?

I always found that phrase to be utter bullshit, I have been in acting all my life, amateur and even had paid professional parts from a very young age, due to my upbringing in a theatre family.
I really believe it is very much bullshit, of cause after a brilliant actor have taken on a part which suits him perfectly it's hard to picture anyone else in the part, but it's possibility. and no one is to say the movie would have lost from it.
When a actor have gotten a part, he is just getting something somebody else who might as well could didn't. Doctor is an most excellent example of that when looking at the now 11 different actors playing the same character, yet their fortay is that they are all so brilliantly unique.

I am not about to talk about actors though. so it might be a weird way to start this article.
The thing just is, last Saturday the last episode of this season doctor who ended, the first season with Matt Smith at the doctor, and the first season with Steven Moffat as executive producer and head writer.
Steven Moffat said in an interview that he had been waiting 4o years, his entire adult life, at being able to call himself the head writer of doctor who.

What I am honestly wondering is whether Steven Moffat have waited for Doctor who, or Doctor who have waited it's entire life for Moffat.

Moffat have been in love with Doctor who apparently since he was a little child, then when they finally officially met back in 2005 they became very much engaged as Steven Moffat wrote what every body agreed was the best two parter in the season. "Empty child" "The doctor dances"
Only to take their relationship further and further the next 3 years with outstanding inventive episodes, using the tool of time travel like no other show nor writer. and now finally, after a life time and waiting and 5 years engagement. finally they got married. and the waiting paid off.

This was the high point of doctor who's incredible long legacy. people will remember this for a very long time, and I know people are complaining right now and says it's not as good as the old tom baker stuff.
I am willing to bet all I know, in 3, 4 or 10 years time. people will look back and say "Why can't they make stuff like that any more? this sci-fi I am watching is not nearly as good as Matt smith's first season"
Mark my words. that is how it's going to happen. it's that good.

Steven Moffat what kind of great toy he have been handed when playing when having such a device as time travel. He took a show that was always about time travelling and made it into the ultimate time travel show, instead of just using the time machine to travel into back to the ancient Greece, and then go to the future with space ships and monster.
And't that's very well and nice, but Steven Moffat turned the time travel into a clever plot device, a mean of strange situations that is not possible without time travel, like meeting people who you have never met but spend a life time with you.
See our main character captured in a time pocket as a character on the outside crows older and is on different points in her life between mere minutes or even seconds.
To having a episode taking place in the past, but future a new character who is actually from the future.
Everything is possible in Steven Moffats Doctor who.
Finally doctor who found it's right made. only thing saddens me is that like the doctor, doctor who will probably go on and on, Moffat will probably not. this was a high point.
Moffat gave his all here, he probably spend years just writing that. he isn't even going to write the opening episode for the next season, he probably need to rest a bit. and I don't think there is any topping this.
Though that's okay. cause it's there, and it's brilliant.

If I should categorise this season in a specific genre, this was a fairy tale. from day one with little Amy looking up in the stars waiting to go on adventure (god I had that exact image going through my head constantly throughout my childhood, just with me in Amy's place, it's almost creepy how accurate that was) It's a fairy tale, and it's should be judged as a fairytale and having a good time show, not a social drama... well there is social drama in it, but it is not a social drama show.

And god was this well thought through, even stuff that isn't exactly obvious unless you go really close.
Amy now bringing the doctor back by believing in him, in a clear opposite to the first episode where she did not believe in him.
Auton Rory which is a clear mirror story to the professor in the Dalek episode, you know the guy who was also a robot, but won his humanity through love.
That crack that along time ago was established to eat away anything it touches ate away Amy's life. which obviously on purpose was left unexplained until now (btw, that was so totally Amy's mom and dad, I can totally see it) And it's the only show I have seen embracing the silliness of it's own origins. I have never ever seen it done before, rather than embracing such things modern movie and tely makers are going out of the way to avoid it, Britten is the only country left to embrace silly, And i say keep it up.
They had Rory come one board so they could kill him so Amy could bring him back so it could be some what believable she could bring her parent's back, so she could bring the doctor back..... god
A show can only be truly sad if they have the happiness in a clear opposite, you know that little speech about sad thing not out ruling happy things? That is bullshit, if you have a happy moment it will enticify the sad moments by a hundred.

In a long time my brain have evolved to become a highly analytical brain when regarding fiction, whether it's theatre, movies, books or tely shows.
And that have proven itself to be bad thing when I am trying to be an audience, I analyse things almost without thinking about while watching, I can pick out what follows the traditional formula, how the stuff fits together and how the writer have been thinking while writing, who obviously wrote the end first and made the rest fitt in, and who it's just writing as they go along. I to often know the ending after the first 10 minutes of watching a movie, and when I watch a good movie, my mind is rather in a analysing mood than in a enjoy yourself mode.

after quite some time I really started getting bored with that way of thinking, and I was left to ask myself "Is this all there is to the medium of story telling today? the modern mainstream art?"
So I began to make another parameter for myself when watching a show, if a movie is well written and makes perfect sense, then it's okay.
If a movie or tely show manage to switch that analyse mode in my head off, and make me completely unaware of what is going on in the room while my heart is thumping and I am just left to sit in anticipation, I will find it excellent, I will find it to be true art.

It's true, if I were to judge this by the first kind of parameter, it is meh. if you want to make any sense of the sciense fiction in it, you should never have watched to begin with, this never even tried to have the ficiction make sense, all it ever used the fiction for is a back drop to the human story. The vincent and the doctor being a very good example where the monster was to say the least stupid and flat, but the human story left my in tears.

If I judge by the other parameter, it's the best show I have ever seen. for me it truly fells like I have witnessed something very special in the making, this show have made me cry and smile and gasp in horror, it made me leave my living room and I was completely unaware of what was going on around me, for a matter of fact, I didn't eve care what was going on around me. The show constantly tricked me, either I had no idea where it was going next, or after a couple of days thought I thought I had it down and the next episode would take me completely by surprise.

The season finale is a compilation of all this I have just talked about, on good and bad. but in my case, I fell its truly unique and the good being pure emotion out ruling the bad which is odd science fiction by a hundred percent. btw a reason why it is called science "fiction" you are allowed for it not to make sense if it's for a back drop to the human journey.

Doctor who is a very special show for me, it changed my way of thinking as an analysing maniac and a writer.
The Russel Saga shown me something about bringing old things back, and how to do it right, that changed my look on re-boots and new starts, it's god damn possible, because they did it, the show didn't last for so long and gained such a great fan-base without reason.
This season changed my view of how it is possible to write stuff, this took what David T russel already did, but took it deeper and further, concentrating on the right things, the humans. and is in every way superiors. it brings the oldest and most magically way of story telling "Fairy tales" together with modern space ships adventures.

You can say what you like with muh and meh. but these were my honest deepest thoughts.
this was very special to me.

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