Monday, 28 June 2010


Hey and welcome to my blog.

At this point in my life as I am writing this I am aspiring to a lot of things.

I am a writer, reviewer, actress, comedian and singer. in that order as mentioned, or at least aspiring on all of them.

Though above all else, I am a geek.

A geek within movies, books, television series. Franchises and myths you name it.

I especially always had a fascination towards old franchises that have been kept alive through the years with tons of interpretations in many movies displaying the same story or the same idea. at least using the same title, and see how newer stuff steals and borrows from the older stuff.

I am aspiring to become one of the many gazilions enternet reviewer, only I will be the one focusing on the thing I just mentioned.

also, I am going to write the best sit com Denmark have seen in years.

This Blog will more be about my reviewing of stuff and thoughts upon new movies and tely vision shows which is a part of a franchise than it's anything else.

For anybody who will read this, you are obviously somebody in a far off future who have discovered me. All I wanna say is thanks for reading. and now lets see what the future might bring.

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