Monday, 28 June 2010

toy story

With my first real review and analyzis.

While warming up before I start with audio and camera's

let this be my first view on a franchise, and lets start with something really nice and good.

the normal audience today is a god damn tuff crowd.

R-boots, prequels and the most commonly thing sequels are being hated more than ever. people have finally learned that they will more often be dissapointed with the sequel to their favorite movie than they will be happy.

This makes it tuff for me as a francshise freek as people don't want to build further up around existing franchises.

This year two animation films which were a part of my childhood had sequels.

One did it wrong, and one did it absolutly right.

The movie that did it wrong was Shrek 4.
I saw shrek one as it came in cinema 10 years ago, and I was only 10. it was an integrated part of my childhood. Shrek four did everything wrong. It was a movie that was clearly made for the money rather than for people who felt they had a story to tell.

15 years ago I was 5 years old. and Toy story was released.
I don't remember when I saw it the first time, because I was so small, but I remember it being a dear part of my childhood.
11 years ago I was only 9 and the sequel came out, I dragged my grandmother to the cinema.
yeas I dragged her, she hated the facts that I always wanted to see movies when we had some time together. And even though she didn't normally liked movies, she to really enjoyed toy story 2. and that to have become a very important part of my childhood.

Toy Story 3. did everything right.

I can't believe I was 5 when the first movie came out, and now I am 20.
That is a whole life time, and the movie even illustrated such a thing for me.

This movie had a story to tell on the same time as it had a good time with itself.
It both gave the darkest and the happiest Pixar had to offer.

After UP I sincerely didn't think a Pixar movie could become any sadder, deeper or truer dealing with stuff such as looses and death. And I did absolutly not see it coming from the third movie in the Toy Story franchise. but it happened.

Pixar is an amazing company in the sense that they have never made a bad movie. not even once. there are put more care and feeling into a pixar movie than three dream works movie and a disney life action movie. And lately of their movies had the ability to turn grown men into cry babies and yours truly into a pitifull bunch of gooy greenish stuff.

And on the same time this movie is filled to the brim with all of my favorite childhood action hero sense just with toys doing it.
If this had been a life action movie, people would have called it a spoof as it have more action movie cliches than you can count.
But I enjoyed every single one of them, they made my whole face light up and I felt great as I saw it, I have been waiting to see such scenes in a movie put in there without shame, and they got away with it, as this movie have so much heart.

on the same time, it was aware that it was a part of a franchise. the overall theme was picked up from the last movie and taken a step further, going the only natural next step, which is incredible sad.
Buzz's story which came all the way from the first movie is kept alive in the most ingeniouse way that brings a smile to my lips.
The movie knows it's a movie pointed to the child in everyones heart, and it have no shame in using that knowledge. which is great.

It felt like a huge love declaration and understanding towards everyones childhood, and it payed respect to it's own origins on the same time as being new and fresh.

Pixar.... what can't you do?

I swear, the day Pixar makes I movie that sucks. I will die of a heart attack. so hopefully that will never happen.

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  1. I was almost a teenager when Toy Story was released, and remember the movie very fondly. That's the thing about Pixar films, any age group can enjoy them.