Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Elisabeth Sladen is dead

Holy crap are you kidding me! this just seemed to come out of no-where for me, I had no idea.

It's just been released to the press that Elisabeth Sladen, known for playing Sarah Jane Smith a third and fourth doctor companion out of doctor who, re-apearing in the re-launch twice and having her very own spin-off Sarah Jane adventures. Died because of Cancer..

She had Cancer? That's.. unbelivable, it can't have been more than one year since she shoot the last season of Sarah Jane adventures and she looked as spunky and full of energi as ever.

Sarah Jane has been known for being one of the most beloved companions ever to appear, and I understand that, I love her to, she's always filled with energi, always fighting back... despite having often recieved the part as screaming companion in trouble. but she was good at that to, as I also said, she got god damn spunk, I moment that always makes me laugh and I will forever remember is in "The planet of the spiders." Where her and the doctor have been captured in the spiders net and litterately can't move, so the two of them decides just to lay there and joke in lack of better things to do, then the spiders come and collect Sarah and pulls her out. the joker yells. "Don't worry Sarah Jane, I wont let them harm you!"

Sarah Jane is struggling to the best of her abilities to get away, not screaming or anything just struggling replies. "Oh you don't worry Doctor, i'll bite them if they come to close!"

.. Amy should totally have at least one line like that in the new season which starts airing.. Next Saturday! huzzah!
I mean.. i'm very sad, and I genuinely am. I'm a bit in a shock actually.

I can just hope Doctor who have brought her as many good things as she has brought Doctor who, that it made her life richer. She will very much be missed.

And that fifty anniversary looks less and less promising :/
I mean, if Sarah Jane was meant to appear I guess there is a lot of companions who would be able to take her place but.. none of them would quite be able to fill her shoes, she was just so... So extraordinary full of life and energy.


  1. She did indeed look fine, which just goes to show how quickly these things can take you.

  2. Yeah, I hadn't heard she had cancer. Ironically, a group of us were actually watching some Fourth Doctor episodes with her in when somebody received a text with the news. Needless to say there were a few tears from some, which I think says a lot.