Friday, 8 April 2011

Jonnhy English reborn trailer

boy, it's nice to be allowed to be positively surprised once in a while.

When I first discovered this movie was going to be made, the "Why!?" feeling was the one thing dominant, and now the first trailer is out.. and it looks.. okay.
It doesn't look amazing but neither does it look like bull crap, the star of the trailer who looks genuinely funny and proves he still got what it takes is Rowan Atkinson, which is great as he is the star.
The movie looks sort of like "Naked gun" to me, which is one of the kind of movies no one seem to be able to do anymore, My guess is just the time have moved away from that sort of thing, but with an actor that is from those days and a character who hands down is a product from naked gun, it makes sense.

Anyway, I wouldn't hate this movie to soon, hell, it may actually be hilarious, certainly Atkinson wont be the reason if it isn't.

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  1. They should let him input more Blackadder and far less Mr Bean.