Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I don't know if any-one even cares or not.

I'll been pretty busy lately which is why I neither have written much or released my first video... real life keeps getting in the way :/

But I developed a concept I personally actually think could work and is kind of different from what we usually see on the net. I talk about it in a second.

Just.. on thursday I will go in Cinema and watch "Thor." now of cause I am going to make a blog-post about it. My question just is, would people rather prefer if I write an article about it or if I set up a video camera and talk about it? I don't exspect any-one to care.. but, you know.. if there is a preferance I might as well just go with it.

My net concept! great, well.. I am creating a new persona, and I am going to call her. "The DramaQueen."
What is so different about this persona should be evident in the name.. my idea is to try and sort of make a cross between Miss Piggy and the trickster, a persona who loves to play out in front of the camera and can use just about any probs to make things look a bit more exstravagant, this character wont be an angry character but rather an enthusiast and a attention horror. If she wants to be a superhero she picks up a bed linned and ties it around her neck to jump out and proclaim justice for the world.. As what I am working at currently is a "Darkwing Duck." review.. a lot of Darkwing Ducks persona is slipping in... which is fine, I adore the character. And seriously, every one should watch that show, it's a piece of pure genius!

Anyhow.. It wont come out this week, I am to busy! I am not even so sure it will come out next week.. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.. and then see if the character even works.
I just want to be able to display my lust for stage performance and using regular items.. also my main goal would be to be funny but never succumb to fighting as that seems to be all other net reviewers are doing :/

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