Friday, 1 July 2011

The future of Ghostbusters......

Now, let me be honest, this is probably a statement that will make people cry in front of their computers.. sigh, here it comes.

I am not a Ghostbusters fan.

The movies have no nostalgia value for me, I didn't see them before I was nineteen and I became aware every other nerd on the net was absolutely nuts about them, finally I just went and bought them, saw them, and my reaction was just.

"that's an okay movie."

That's it, I don't hate it or anything, it's amusing in its own right, I just first saw fifteen years after it was released so I was not impressed by the effects, not impressed by the story, thought they were amusing and the idea original, but had seen funnier, I though it was well put together, but well.. If it was not because of the mundo huge geek worship of this franchise, I would probably have shelved that DVD and forgotten all about it. I didn't even see the television show as I grew up, something else many in geek culture seems to look back upon with adoration. It was just not syndicated in my country.

How-ever, I do recognise a good concept and good characters when I see them, and I know that is what Ghostbusters is.
And even I, a none fan, a none worshipper can't help but start drooling by the sight of these and the mere thought what could happen if some studio was to go through with such an idea.

Animated movie, duh! Of cause!

unfortunately, these pictures are not created by any studio, but by a fan who spend his evenings designing these (Somebody give him a job in a animations department.)
So no, they are not in any way official or indicates anything, but they are very beautiful and very awesome, it makes even me complete worked up on the idea, and I would really badly want to see that movie.

Well, there has been talk about a third movie in like decades for now, and there has both been a couple of moments where it's been like. "Sure, we'll have the original cast return so it's like an ala Dark Knight returns story of men who were ones great and still can be great, getting out of their pension to kick ass."
And there's been a couple of moments like. "It's going to be like the next generation of Ghostbusters with a new young cast acting as main characters and someone of the original four be the experienced trainer while the rest will have cameos"
And there's been instances of. "It's never going to happen kids, stop dreaming."

So no, nothing is sure, they keep and they keep talking about it, but to me, it doesn't seem like any-one believe that much in it at current.
Which is kind of silly, because even if such a movie was to suck, it would still earn a shit load of money. Ghostbusters seem to be in every single American geeks top ten of favorite movies of all time, and I am not even trying to crack a joke here, that is my genuine impression.

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  1. It’ll be brought back, turned into an action movie, and the old timers will be reduced to cameos or observer roles while Shia LaBeouf takes the lead. Everyone will pay to see it even knowing all of this beforehand, and then they’ll rage on the Internet. :)