Friday, 15 July 2011

A hallo from Vietnam part 1

Well... I am in Vietnam!

And have been for well.. urh, since Monday.. I think.

Thus far, quite the adventure! Amazing adventure, something new and truly unique each day!
You know that saying people have about the air being completely different on different continents?
well as far as I can see it's completely true! everything is completely different from what I have ever seen before and from what I had imagined.

Well, my adventure started early all the way back in Denmark where they luggage system had broken down, so we couldn't put our luggage on the band but had to just leave it there on the floor for someone to pick up manually, together with all the other luggage! it was really the messy picture, even made the newspaper back home.

Then we got on the flight, and flew for seven hours straight to get to the dessert city "Doah" which is in the middle of India.
Now, I have never been in a dessert before! it was in the middle of the nigh, 3 AM Doah time... and still it was unbelievable hot! It was like stepping out in either an oven or Sauna. The dessert air really being it's own exsperience, but thankfully, we only stayed there for thirty minutes, otherwise I would have died! Then we flew for another seven hours all the way to "Hanoi" which is the capital of vietnam.

First impression.... holy crap! I've been to plenty of big cities in my life, London, Dublin, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Luxemborg, Rom.... But no, nothing compares to this.. at all, and god I wish I could post pictures from this computer, but well, the is a lend computer on a hotel, so it doesn't work like that.
The Scooters! Holy smoke is there a lot of Scooters!

Just to give an example, there are six million people all in all living in Hanoi... and there are 4 million scooters! and it shows!
You know all those white lines on the road you use to direct traffic with?
Yeah.... they don't use them here, you know such a thing as traffic light? well, the genuinely don't in this country. If I want to cross the street, there is no use waiting for people to stop, no sir, I just step right out and keep on walking then they should drive around me.. yeah I sort of prayed for my life the first couple of times, the scary thing now is that I have gotten used to it oO;

After one and a half day in Hanoi seeing lots and lots of stuff, I was driven out to Dragon Lash Lagoon...
Know the locations of "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" with the rocky icelands everywhere.. well, it looks like that.. but bigger. I am convinced I saw the world largest carven, we are talking Lord of the ring siezed here. And well, what I can gain from this is that a movie will never ever serve any justice to such locations, it was unbelievable. And me sitting on top of the luxury cruser while sipping to a perfectly made Mojto, it made me fell like a movie star or something, or at least very rich.

That's another thing, things are cheap down here, and well. now I understand why we white people can fell so important, when coming here, being white immediately equals 'being stinking rich'. which we are compared to most of the people in the country, Vietnam is one of the poorest countries in the world. So well, I am pretty much treated like a princess, I have the best of the best, is driven to hotels in air conditioned minibuses go on extraordinary restaurants, they pull up the chair for me, carry my luggage. The Viatnamese people are extraordinary service minded and it shows, a lot.

Oh the food, yummi lishius! I had nothing but really fresh food, and I mean fresh, you can taste how the ingredients have been bought and captured on the day, I have gotten at least some sea food each day and it's all so good! and so fresh.

Anyhow, after sleeping on the boat (And yep, I did swim in the lagoon, a real lagoon) I got wonderful sea food brunch, ingredients bought by the fisher men sailing around in the lagoon capturing stuff and then sailing around selling to the bigger boats, I went on back to Hanoi, saw water puppet theater, and ancient tradition and then took a nigh train up to this mountain city called Zapa, which almost borders to China, I am literately, 9 km away from China! I can see China from my hotel window!

There is a couple of native tripes up here but mostly it's a beautiful tourist city on the top of a mountain, so safe the view, one of the duller things, you can differently fell how the things are toned down from Vietnamese culture to appeal to tourist, when I could get french fries on a restaurant I knew something was totally wrong... compared to the other stuff that is.

But oh well, here I am, sitting on a freaking tropical mountain! Native tripes people trying to sell me tons of hand made stuff.

I am a very happy person, this has differently envocked a spark inside of me and I am just trying to take all of it in, it's differently a travel so huge and different that it will affect me for the rest of my life and all in all.
I am having the time of my life!

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