Friday, 20 May 2011

Pirates of The Carribbean on Stranger tides review

Urh, why doesn't anything ever work for me?

It was yesterday I saw Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides, the first thing I did when I came home was smacking up a camera with the intention of just filming me making a review and then post it... but this temporarily computer wouldn't corporate with that, this morning I instead tried to record my review as in voice only.. neither Youtube nor Blogspot fancy posting that.. so I guess I will be writing.. again. Next time, I do believe it will be a filmed review though. That would be.. the Captain America Movie I think.

So Pirates of the Caribbean, let it be no secret that I adore this genre and I genuinely fell the is a lack of attention on it, the adventure Swushbuckler genre... unfortunately Pirates 3 did not succeed at being that and overdid it by a mile, becoming a muddle and no one knows what kind of movie it was supposed to be, how ever. This movie is right back on track again and does it right... mostly. It doesn't make the best of sense.. then again, neither the first movie which is still the best one of the lot.

Well, I know why most people are going to go in and watch this movie... how is Jack Sparrow this time around?
Let me be honest here, I adore his character in the first movie, but from that point of he changed.. The first movie was all about setting up that you can be a good man and a pirate, that Jack Sparrow is just that, he is the most honest of the lot.. just sometimes he doesn't tell the entire truth, only the partial but the truth none the less. as he said, "It's the honest ones you should watch out, because you never know when they are going to do something incredible stupid!" and then he does something incredible stupid X)

In the next movie.. he starts lying straight out of the back, and he is pictured as a dishonest character.. Jonnhy depp makes it work and he is at least enjoyable to watch... in the third movie.. he is hardly in it, and it's only barely he doesn't make his few appearences being obnoxiouse and annoying.. in my humble opinion, I don't even know what he does in that movie or why he is there.. other than comic relief.
In this movie, it's seventy percent Jack Sparrow doing cool shit and he does it really well, he is the definite star of the movie and he is never ever tiring, never ever obnoxious, he is just a whole lot of fun!
I like how in every movie they go out of the way to make Jack Sparrows introduction uniqe, grant and funny.. though there is no beating the first movie, the motherload of all funny introductions, though this one does it really really good as well, it was brilliant.

Actually, I even think the first ten or twenty minutes is the best of the entire movie, I love a good sword fight, I love it a lot, but there is something I love even more.. a good chase scene, and I don't mean stupid car chases, I mean on food chase scenes where you have to jump through buildings, swing in ropes, go over the roof tops, jump down some kind of whole.. yeah, that's the first twenty minutes of this movie! and he screws over the king of England and swings in a chandelier as well! He swung in a chandelier! YEAS! the cliché of all swushbuckler clichés and it's never ever going to get old or uncool! I am so happy he did that! And that's only the beginning of all the shit he did, and it tells what this movie is about... fun! it's fun. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense but neither the first one.

Again I will say it annoys me a bit how much they screw up Jack's character.. he isn't the same character as in the first movie and hasn't been in a long while, but... in the first one he was all about that committing a mutiny is the worst sort of crime you could ever do, even for a pirate and he would never ever stoop that love.. and, erh well.. he commits a mutiny in this movie.. it could have been justified really easy, that he is not on the ship of own free will and never swore legiens to the captain, but the writing never goes there. I mean it is cool seeing Sparrow staging a mutiny and all, and again, then he serves a vital part to the plot.. but.. oh it's a detail it's not that important. I just can't stress enough Jack Sparrow of the first movie and Jack Sparrow in the rest of the movies is not the same dude.. he is still funny and enjoyable as hell but he is not the same dude, or at least a couple of moral values have changed on the way.

Anyhow, Penelope Cruz is the lady... because every movie has to have "the lady." and the lady always have more balls than any of the guys, wops ass in a fight, is brash and is only too happy to face danger yet will at some point need saving.. this is every main lady in every movie, and that's also her.. though there is one fact that makes her different than other lead ladies... she's a rotten egg.. you don't know at ones, and what would normally happens is that we figure by the end.. she's not that bad she just needs love.. no, this woman is rotten to the core, and what Jack does with her in the end is well deserved.. even actually making her a potential main villain in any sequels. Cruz herself is hot as hell, beautiful.. a bit obnoxious as is the case with most female leads, but all around decent.. and I gotta get myself one of those pirate outfits! That is hot!
Geffory Rush is back as Barbossa.. well, and he is great, just as great as the first movie.. we have a new cursed Pirate Captain.. black beard, but dude, the last two was so hardcore that there is no beating that, I mean he is great, but they are no skeleton pirates and he is no David Jones.. perhaps it's time to get away from the cursed Pirate villains and try something else, I don't know what else you can do with it.

The adventure works, it's fun, enjoyable. And all around a funny ride.
Will there be a sequel? To take a guess, it's all in the hands of Johnny boy, if he signs up, there will be a sequel, if he doesn't... they could make another pirate movie but I doubt they would. bummer. You can make pirates movie without Sparrow, the genre existed for just as long as movies as a medium in itself.
And here is what I would really like from a sequel... seeing Jack Sparrow actually being a captain of his ship! I mean, he goes around calling himself captain and the joke is, he is never in the position as one.. he's been that twice, in the middle of the first movie when he hired a crew for the Inceptor.. which he lost, and in the end where he got the pearl which tied over the beginning of the second movie.. where he lost it.. I would love to see him command a crew for an entire movie so we can see why he calls himself Captain Jack Sparrow, that would be great.

Anyway, doesn't make much sense, isn't deep, but is differently great fun and there isn't made to many movies like this.. and there probably wont be in any near future, what comes closet is the musketeer movie that will be released at December and it looks like shit, it's totally up to Depp if there is going to be a sequel. (please sign up.)

If you liked the first movie, I am positive you will like this one to! if you like swushbuckler and supernatural adventure, it's a nice little trip. It isn't perfect in anyway (Why are the Spanish even in this movie?)
But it's really funny and made me laugh plus smiling constantly.


  1. I agree with what you said about the other two Pirate movies, seeing them was similar to watching a Jim Carrey movie sequel without Jim Carrey. (The Mask 2, Evan Almighty, etc) It sounds to me like they’ve missed the point again with this latest venture.

  2. No.. I think they got the point with the latest adventure.. it's not as tightly written as the first one, but they hit home mark anyhow.. and it's hard making sequels to something that has ended in it's own right.. I don't exspect any of the pirates movie to ever reach the standard of the first one.. but well, I will put the beginning of this one to be as goos as the ending climax of the second one.. which was awesome and actually made sort of up for the rest of the movie.