Saturday, 8 January 2011

Did I ever mention how awesome my littlesister is?

I just want to put it up there, Cause I am so going to shamelessly using her skills in future videos.. which I am still working on btw..

Good news! Finale cut pro is working again! yeah!
And when I have made two or three crappy videos I have decided to think. "What the hell?" give it a shot and start bothering "The last angry geek." asking if we could do a sort of crossover video when new Doctor who is coming out in four months. thinking we could make a joke where he is the doctor and I am the companion or something.

You may ask.. is that a ploy for me to be seen on the TGWTG site? to start annoy the hell out of one of the lesser popular people on the side until he at last says "okay." ? sure as hell is! I am so much a sell out and proud of it to!

Anyhows... my awesome little sister.

She is a cosplayer! YEP! she makes her own cosplays and dresses up with them to conventions, even appears in variouse contests.
Unfortunately she is not a doctor who fan, so she wont make any of does cosplays I can steal D:
Neither is she a superheroes fan, a horror fan or all that stuff I like.. so damn for me. She is however a Harry Potter fan and have promised that if I ever in a million years gets over a thousend viewers, she will do multiple Harry Potter costumes so we film stuff with it! and I made her give to me in writing!

Anyhows.. check this out!

Here she is.. We all know he is supposed to be here right?
Link from Zelda of cause, even playing Zelda on the DC, and before people asks.. no, that's not her real hair and it's not her real eye colour. She have like a ton of contact linses she uses for her different cosplays, but even without them she always uses photo manipulation, which I do think is the case in this picture, the hair is just a wig, she got tons of does to.

Yeas! that is a full body suit supposed to be a "heartless." from "kingdom hearts." yeas, she is the one inside of it, no my body is not as good as hers and I could never pull that off, and no.. she can't see a god damn thing in it!

Gaara from Nartuo, and that is herself again.

And.. a sort weird of a mix between "Gaara" and "Rock Lee." you know.. if they ever decided to mix their DNA and put it in a machine to make a clone of both of them..

And a set of characters from the Anime. "Love less." my littlesister is the one with the long wig and glasses, it's our fried. "Panda." with the short wig.. which is ironic as my littlesister have very short hair and Panda have very nice long dark brown hair.. huh...

Her own gothic design of "The mad hatter." out of Alice in wonderland, and I did the make up for that plus took that photo!

My little sister as "Pedobear." and Panda as... a girl..
And have no freaking idea who pedobear is! My little sister keeps bashing me about it, but I genuinely don't know! I had a lot of fun watching her create the costume and take it on though, the head just amuses me.. and I think it smells pretty badly inside around now..

"Shin." from a manga called. "Nanna" which is actually my little sisters favourite manga.

And in knews no body cares about.. the list of videos I am going to make first and in what order.

"Tale of Desperoux." makes no bloody sense.

"Superman/Batman Apocalypse." they are trying to make this a character piece about "Supergirl." which makes it dump, her character might have potential, but Christ is she written badly and clearly only written by guys imagining what women might think and like

"Twilight." we all saw this coming, it is no surprise!

"Barbie and the nutcracker." decided just to go with the first one.

"Wonderwoman." It's not that bad.. but have weird elements in it...


  1. Damn, she's hot. :P

    Looking forward to your take on Twilight! I assume you're starting with the first one.

  2. yeah.. that was the plan, though I did forget to mention "Muppets wizard of oz." before Wonderwoman.

    ... and Littlesis is not available -_-;