Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Where the wild things are, Movie review

I actually was in cinema seeing this movie as it came out one and a half years ago.
First now have I bought it on DVD and re-watched it.
The reason why I took so long being, I was actually scared to see it again. yeah, scared.

The movie genuinly disturbed me to my core as I saw it in cinema, and it lingered with me long time after.
At the time, people kept praising how good the movie was, but I had so much difficulty getting what the critics were trying to say, and I had so much difficulty trying to put the movie into perspective.. It really really just disturbed me, once or twice doing the viewing in cinema I genuinly felt like crying I was that disturbed. And yet i didn't know why I was disturbed, it's not a tripy sad film like "Requim of a dream." it's not a gore horror movie, I have seen tons of pictures a thousend times more disturbing than anything that movie had to offer, and still I was sitting with a trembling lip and a strained look on my face, feeling like going home and cry in my pillow.

The critic finally to explain to me what I had gone through, was the critic looming on the side calling. "The escapist." who do weekly reviews of new released movies, for those who don't know him you should totally check him out, he is called "movie bob" and is both funny and informative!
And what he said was just so true, and finally I could get the movie. He said and I quote.

"This movie is not to scary, disturbing or cruel for kids, however. It is to scary, disturbing and cruel for adults."

And I went completely like. "Ohhh! I see!"

Then I became sad, because the one thing I had sworn to be in life, is to always be a child, and that I was that disturbed, it simply means that I am an adult.

Because he was right, of all the movies trying to depict how a child sees the world, this one is differently coming the closets. How every thing is just much much more big and scary, threatening to crush you even though not meaning to, to how the emotions are much simpler, much pure and thereby much more dangerouse as there is no "reasoning." to hold them back, that is the thing we adults drives on.

When I was very small, I was terriefied that the sun was going to go out all of a sudden, and they do really adress feelings like that in the movie.

I was confronted with not only the wonderful childlike imagination only children can really see in everyday life, but all the dark sides as well. All the immature though pure emotions that just leads to trouble because it causes the creature not to think things through, being lead by hopes and imagination as well as jalousie and pride. I faced all does things I have stuffed away in order to become a mature responsible person, though that doesn't mean I don't have them. And the movie forced me the confront all of that, I was scared at the monsters as their emotions were out of control, and yet. they behaved exactly like I remember children around me behaving when I was small, subcounciouse memories of the feeling of not being treated well by fellow kids. (And that happens to all kids, I am not a being bullied case more than any other regular nerd.) But that kind of emotions possible resurfaced for the very first time in a very long time. Just as I had started to understand my adult self, this movie came along and reminded me of my insecure scared child self who rule on emotions rather than reasoning.

What does it tell, when a movie is capable of doing anything like that?
It tells that it is a unique master piece and no movie like it have been made before or is likely to be made ever again.
Even looking away from the narrative and what it did to me, Gorgeouse is even falling a bit short describing how it looks.
I love good animatronics so much, and I am happy to see that instead of computer animated monsters, because of this, they indeed look alive, and I was fooled because I was so much into the story and the emotions.

This is not a case of. "Go watch it dude it's awesome." or. "If you like that and that give it a try."
no, this is a case of. "If you are any kind of film fan, doesn't matter what genre or type you like, you need to watch this."
It is the movie we should show children so they can learn a lesson about themselves through narrative of story telling, and it's the movie you need to show to adults so they can remember how scary it is to be a child, or just in general how it is to be a child.

Not to forget, you need to see it to remember what a movie can do when on it's highest.

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  1. Indeed, there’s a lot of deeper meaning to this movie, though it sure seems set on making you as uncomfortable as possible! From afar the creatures look like muppets, while up close they are genuinely real and nearing a sort of uncanny valley effect. The bones of what could be little boys didn’t do much to ease tension either.