Thursday, 27 January 2011

Green hornet movie review.


Oh no, I am turning into one of those people who doesn't like anything! Shit!

No.. I did not like this movie, to be fair it's not downright bad, but I really didn't find it to be very good either, and lots of things annoyed me about it.

This was differently not what I would have expected of a Green hornet movie, the movie I had looked forward to is probably kind of like the british telyvision series "Sherlock." which I love, but with a side-kick who can do karate, that's the fell I had been hoping for.
It's nothing like it, what I do have is a weird sort of.. Superhero satire, spoof.. thingy.

Well, I am for making superheroes spoofs and satires, I do indeed believe it is time for that, with all of that serious shit out there that deals with super hero movies, to have a satire in the genre would be a relieved change of pace.. but this.. No, it doesn't work for me. First of, I don't really found it that funny, I know other people did, and if you did, good on you. we all have different taste in humour so I can't tell wether you should think it's funny or not, but as it is what the movie tries to do, that is a giant problem for me that I don't find it funny, and it never moves beyond the age, like movies as Kick ass, which made the movie that much better, but that doesn't happen in this one.

Another huge problem for me is the two main characters. Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/The green hornet and Jay Chou as Kaito.

Both the actors and the characters themselves annoys me.

The Character of Britt Reid aka the green hornet annoys me, he is loud, unlike-able, doped, and I can't take him seriously. Obviously the character tries to be like Tony Stark from Iron Man, but it doesn't work. Tony Stark was a pretty fun character because he was so doped and egocentric, and the movie never tried to convince us anything else, which made it a lot less pretentious and acceptable, plus fun.. here they try and give him salvation factors and it does not work. Seth Rogen playing him is just trying way to hard, and the idea is to make him sort of a looser, even in the hero's costume, which is a good idea, and what I would have wanted in "The spirit" for one, but it doesn't really work here.

Now, the joke is supposed to be that while the main hero is a incompetent looser, his sidekick Kaito is Batman and Q from James bond if they had a baby.. No seriously, nothing else cuts it here. He is super smart, knows kungfu and karate, can move so fast that cameras don't even see him, builds all sorts of way out there inventions, which are all super cool.. He comes off as nothing short of a god, which in my eyes.. equal extremely uninteresting, this guy have no weaknesses, and I am not sure what is supposed to be his big speciality, if it's the kung fu, or the inventions, or the science, or what the hell?
It would even have worked way better for me if you had divided it so Kaito could do the kung-fu stuff and the green hornet was the master mind with the machines, that would have worked wonders for me.

I can see what they are getting at, turning it into a joke that the sidekick is so much cooler, but it honestly don't work for me, the credibility for both characters is somewhere below zero for me. And I sort of find Jay Chou's acting to be kind of... wooden.

Seeing Seth Rogen as a superhero man was also kind of weird to begin with, he is an decent actor and comedian, but this just did not work for me, this movie didn't work for me.
I see where they are coming from, the series was aired the same time as Adams West's Batman series, and it was the sort of cheesy feeling they wanted to re-capture, only I think they sort of forget, The green hornet was actually at the time, the more serious side to Batman, while batman was about silliness and fun the Green Hornet was about the mystery and taking things a bit more serious, and it's really odd to see how's that very much switched around now.

The story is standard, thus predictable, the fights are fine, the love interest and female lead.. again just standard. the villain is... weird. I don't even know if it's a good or bad sort of weird, but neither is he to memorable.

Well overall.. I would have to say and a little below standard superhero movie and a little below standard satire, pretty darn forgettable, that's that.

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