Saturday, 1 January 2011

Movies I am so totally going to watch in 2011

This is the list of 2011 of the movies I want to go into cinema to see. Of cause fate can always play trick on us and I wont see anything, or I would end up watching something completely different, the list is set in dates instead of top tens, and it's what I want to see and have my eyes on.

January th 14; The green Hornet.

I really don't care, it's the movie that seems to be all that I want in a fun superheroishis film, with a mystery and some fun.
Though I have to admit, this is going to be either fail or win, with no in between. well, I only need to wait two mere weeks to figure that one out, so that's going to be exciting.

March th 11; Red riding hood

Horror based on the classic tale of little red riding hood, seems to have a gritty dark fantasy fell above it, and it's not bloody m, night Shamalayn, so it should be pretty straight forward, not to mention it got that very special thing to be directed and have been written by a woman, not that often you will see a film like that coming out of Hollywood, So I think it's at least worth checking out.

March th 25; Sucker Punch

Oh, now it's going to be good! Zack Snyder who proved his worth in ten folds by the special master piece. "Watchmen." which is the best comic book movie to date! have gotten free range to film his original story, in sheer comic book nerdiness, will it fail? will it hold up? only time will tell, but the trailer looks awesome and it seems like it's going to be an awesome ride!

May th 6; Thor

I wrote an entire article about how much I hate the Marvel Thor, but damn me if I am not going to see this at some point anyway!? also just to capture whatever continuity that is going to matter in the Avengers movie next year.

May th 20; Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides.

I don't care! This is the kind of movie that I want! so I am personally looking very much forward to this!
And it looks like its going to be fun! with actual sword fights, curses, pirates, zombies and really be the throwback to classic 30's and 40's swashbucklers that I want. so yeah, I am most differently going to go watch this in cinema! :P

June th 17; Green Lantern.

It's a superhero movie and it looks promising.

June th 24; Cars 2

.. I know.. Cars 2, the first one was the least good of all of Pixars movies, though still fairly good. but.. it is the only Pixars movie coming out this year! next year we will have another sequel (Monsters Inc 2) and something called "Brave" about some Scottish people.. and archers.. and.. stuff.. okay I have no idea, but in any case. this is the only pixar film this year, which from my standpoint ensures why I should watch it!

July th 15; Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2

This one speaks for itself doesn't it? It is most differently going to be a highlight of my year, and probably the cinema trip I am going to be the most hyped about! for three years in a row are more.

July th 22; Captain America the first avenger

This is so just going to be the set-up movie for the "Avengers movie" next year, we are going to get cameos from every single other marvel hero that have recently been made movies about, and it's going to be so awesome!

July th 29; Cowboys and aliens.

You read the title of the movie! you know what this movie is going to be about, and hell yeah! Cowboys and Aliens!!! it's doctor who levelled obsessed! it's going to be awesome... dude.. Matt Smith was wearing a cowboy hat in the doctor who trailer.. it begs the question, who stoles who idea?
hehe, Who stole who, doctor who.. ah my humour is terrible and I should just be locked away.

October th 14; The three Musketeers.

It's swashbucklers dammit, I need swashbucklers.

December th 16; Sherlock Holmes 2

Dude, the entire point of the first movie was to set this shit up, which excuses why the first one was merely decent, this ought to be awesome! I bet it's going to be awesome.

December th 23; Tintin, secret of the unicorn.

Steven Moffat wrote the script! Steven Spielberg is producing! Simon Pegg plays Dupon and Dupon! I love Tintin, and this is going to be so great.

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