Friday, 14 January 2011

Story; I wish I could play the piano

She loved Pianos.

For all of her life, she had found them beautiful, fun and fascinating, and she had always wished to be able to play one.

One day she stood with her father, they were watching a marching band. “There’s no pianos in it.” She muttered sadly.

Her father chuckled amused. “A piano would be a bit heavy to carry around wouldn’t you think?”

“But it’s the best sort of instrument.” She sighed. “I really wish I could play the piano!”

A year after that, she was sitting watching a Marx brothers movie for the first time, Harpo Marx was the funniest, never saying a word and yet so expressive, but then suddenly, Chico Marx sat down, and he started playing the piano. It was done so masterfully and yet so humour filled, the girl was stunned into silence and enthralled looked his light hands over the piano as was it a dance in its own right.

“I really really wish I could play the piano like that.” She muttered astounded.

“Well that would be quite impressive.” Her father commented. “Though, only few in the world can do that.” He continued. “If you could, I don’t think you would be sitting here keeping your old dad company.”

And the girl looked abashed down; though her eyes peered up at the TV-screen again, go she wished she could play the piano.

She was a young woman now, and it was concert time in the school, she however was not a part of it, only the audience, she saw her classmate, proudly showcase the song he had written and could play on the piano. He was sexy as he played it and sang the jazzy tune, though most enthralling was the sounds escaping from the piano, coming from him.

Oh she wished she could play the piano, it was absolutely beautiful.

It was a day in wintertime, nothing extraordinary about it at all. The girl who had now become a young woman sat down.. in front of her, there was a piano.
She swallowed as she rested her finger on one of the tangents, and then lightly pressed it to let a tone escape the instrument, the entire wooden construction lightly vibrating because of the tone. Barely breathing she opened up the book, it spelled out. “Piano for beginners.” She wettened her dry lip as she tryingly put both her hands on the piano.
And then. She learned to play the piano.

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