Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My DvD collection.

I did it,
I did what many would call an ungodly sin.

I took every single last one of my DVD's out of the cases, categorized and numbered them and stuffed them in two aluminum boxes originally designed to contain CD's.. and then I threw all of the DVD cases in three giant boxes and put them in my parents basement.

And wauw! suddenly I have a lot more room and it's easier to me to keep order so the DVD's doesn't come in the way anymore.. also I now have a count on how many DVD movies I own...

I own... 351 DVD movies... and if it's a double disc feature DVD it still only counts as one DVD movie..

This is me, and my entire DVD collection in two boxes, categorized and numbered, if they had still been in the cases, the picture would just have been me swimming around in cases, they do genuinely fill up three boxes normally used for moving. I can literately fell how the movies aren't just laying around any more and falling down from the shelf which didn't have room for even the DVD's I tried to stuff there.

And here's what I think is really cool and a bit. "muhaha!"
next time I am going to a video night at someone! you know how everybody have a contest who can bring the most DVD's and thereby prove they have the cooler collection... I will just hank up in these two babies from now on, they don't even weigh that much, even for DVD's..

Just to make fun.. which one of the boxes do you think I have stuffed Horror, Bad ass action, thrillers and sciences fiction in?

duh the pink one of cause, it is filled to the brim with horror movies, because I love to screw with people.

And btw, I don't think I am the bigger sinner of DVD collectors, because every single one of my DVD's have been bought and paid for, stop pirating and support the movie creators!

Oh yeah, you can't it, but that wallpaper in the background is so cool! It's "Monthy Python ministry of silly walk." Wallpaper I got as a gift from my very good german friend when I visited in Berlin. Thanks Laurent! see, it's there!


  1. You can’t do that! What about all the effort artists put into the front cover? What happens when you’re so old that you no longer remember what each movie is about - you won’t have the plot summary on the back to help!

  2. mate.. sweetey.. honney... I got one room, it's not that big.. I travel around a lot, keep on moving in and out you know.
    Now I wont have to miss my DVD's! and they wont be laying around on randomn places!

    Also, I did not throw the cases out, they are in three boxes in the basement, the plan being that when I actually do have my own house, there will be a whole room excluding meant to showcase all my DVD's on full display.